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After five dramatic weeks, teased a major reveal, claiming Loki Season 2 “sets up Kang as the titular star of a fifth Avengers film in 2026.” Considering we haven’t seen Kang at all this season — just his soft-spoken variant Victor Timely — that would be a controversial game-changer.

Is there a trailer for Loki Season 2 Episode 6?

Loki isn’t offering individual episode trailers, but this video recaps one of Episode 5’s most heartbreaking scenes, if you need a refresher on why you feel sad going into the finale.

How many episodes will Loki Season 2 have?

Loki is a six-episode series, meaning Episode 6 is the finale. Notably, this could be the very last time we see Tom Hiddleston as the trickster god, after over a decade in the role.

Will there be a Loki Season 3?

There’s no word yet on whether Loki will return for a third season. We learned about Season 2 in a post-credits scene at the end of Season 1, so it’s possible the Season 2 finale will give us an immediate answer.

Loki Season 2 streams Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. PST/9:00 p.m. EST on Disney+.

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