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Riri Williams entered the MCU with a bang. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever brought the MIT whiz kid into the Wakandan fold, and with her Iron-Man-esque supersuit she helped defend the kingdom from Namor and cemented her role as a true MCU hero.

This big appearance was all supposed to lead to Williams’ own Disney+ series, Ironheart. Now, almost two years later, it’s off the Disney+ release schedule entirely. However, an update from star Dominique Thorne sheds a little light on this much-anticipated project.

While at Sundance for the premiere of her new movie Freaky Tales, Thorne told Deadline that filming for Ironheart has officially concluded. “Strap in, get ready. It will be a ride, much like they all are,” she said. “It is an epic journey, and one that I’m very excited to share.”

Ironheart has already had an epic journey to production. The series was announced by Kevin Feige back in December 2020, and after amassing a cast that included Anthony Ramos as The Hood and Sacha Baron Cohen as a character who could very well be Mephisto, filming began in 2022.

While the series was supposedly going to be released in 2023, it was later delayed to 2024 and then pulled off the release schedule completely. Fans feared this meant Ironheart would simply never come out, but instead, this new quote suggests we’ll eventually get to catch up with Riri… just not as soon as we first thought.

Kevin Feige has since admitted he was pressured to announce projects before they were ready. Ironheart may have been announced before it should have been revealed to the world, but with its big star still excited to show what’s to come, we’ll just have to be patient. We’ve already waited years for Ironheart… what’s another 12 months?

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