After making us think about the ugly side of capitalism, laugh about dognapping schemes, and be warier of climate change, South Korean director Bong Joon-ho is working on his eighth feature.

Mickey 17, based on the book Mickey7 by Edward Ashton, is about a clone (played by Robert Pattinson) who wants to keep his other clone self alive and safe. It will be the Academy Award winner’s third sci-fi film, following Snowpiercer (2013) and Okja (2017), and will be primarily in English.

Joon-ho is a master of inserting black comedy and social commentary into twisted on-screen scenarios, and his latest will hit theaters in Spring 2024. Here’s everything you have to know:

What is the Mickey 17 release date?

Mickey 17 has been developing quickly. The adaptation was announced in January 2022, cast members were revealed in May and July, and principal photography had begun by August. All that work culminates in a March 29, 2024, release date.

What is the Mickey 17 plot?

Much of the movie’s plot is still under wraps, but the novel follows Mickey Barnes, an “Expendable” clone on an expedition to colonize the ice world of Niflheim. Mickey knows he’s a clone, because whenever a previous version dies, a new body is regenerated with most of the memories from past lives. Mickey and other Expendables are used to save the day when circumstances get too difficult, dangerous, or suicidal.

Such circumstances are common: Niflheim’s atmosphere isn’t hospitable, food is scarce, terraforming isn’t going well, and the locals are getting too curious. One day, Mickey7 goes missing, and by the time he makes it back to base, he finds that his duties have already been resumed by Mickey8. Duplicate Expendables are a big no-no, so Mickey7 and 8 work to ensure the survival of the colony, the locals, and themselves.

Who is in the Mickey 17 cast?

Aside from Robert Pattinson, the confirmed cast members of Mickey 17 are:

  • Naomi Ackie (The Rise of Skywalker)
  • Toni Collette (About a Boy)
  • Steven Yeun (Minari)
  • Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers)
  • Johnny Li Gotti (To Nowhere)
  • Holliday Grainger (The Borgias)
  • Liam Edwards (The Flash)
  • Saskia Clarissa Hedges (Gods of Their Own Religion)
  • Ricarda Clay (Thee Recluse: Thieves in the Temple)

Because the film’s plot details are being kept under wraps, we still don’t have much official info about who’s playing who. However, avid fans of the book have been speculating that Ackie will play Nasha, Mickey’s girlfriend, and Collette will be a recruiter named Gwen.

Is there a Mickey 17 trailer?

A brief 30-second teaser was released on December 6, 2022. All we see in the short clip is Mickey (Robert Pattinson), presumably in a tank where clones are kept in stasis, waking up upon the demise of his previous iteration.

We’ll update this page as more information and teasers emerge.

Mickey17 is slated to hit theaters March 29, 2024.

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