This could be a preview of the AFC title game.

Then again, we’ve been here before. The Chiefs opened last season by laying the smackdown on the Patriots, fresh off of their tragic historic come-from-behind win over the hapless Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Both teams made the playoffs, but the Chiefs bowed out in the wild-card round, while the Patriots made yet another appearance in the Super Bowl before falling to the Eagles. Once again, reports of the Patriots’ collective demise were greatly exaggerated.

After New England started 1-2, similar whispers began surfacing across the interwebs this season, praying for the end of the infernal dynasty. Oh, no you don’t. Not again. After harpooning the Dolphins and whooping up on the Colts in the DeflateGate Bowl last Thursday night, the Patriots are back on track and have had an extra few days to prepare for the Chiefs and Andy Reid’s high-octane offense. With the return of Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon’s continued increase in playing time, the Patriots have also rejuvenated their receiving corps. The Death Star is, once again, fully operational.

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