If you tend to only add products with tons of five-star reviews to your cart, you’ll appreciate this collection of home improvement products. Not only do they all have thousands of rave reviews, but fellow shoppers were kind enough to also leave their written opinion so you can gain better insight on exactly how each product will perform. After scrolling through everything from luxurious sheets that will upgrade your bedroom to kitchen gadgets that will make cooking easier (and cleaner), you’ll have a cart full of quality inventions that will transform your home.

These Luxuriously Soft & Durable Bamboo Sheets

Between their wrinkle resistance and their durable microfibers, it’s hard to pinpoint what customers love most about these bamboo sheets — especially because they resist stains and fading as well. The breathable and soft fabric blend of bamboo-based rayon and brushed microfiber ensure they last longer than standard cotton sheets. The four-piece set comes in 13 different colors to match your decor.

These Space-Saving Velvet Hangers With Tie Bars

Thanks to their ultra-thin design, these velvet hangers give you a lot more space to work with in your closet. The soft velvet exterior is gentle on clothing but offers an unparalleled grip to keep pieces from slipping off. Each hanger can hold nearly 10 pounds and the hook swivels 360 degrees. They also feature a handy necktie bar that would also work for scarves and belts.

This Money-Saving Cold Brew Maker

Turn your kitchen into a cafe with this cold brew maker. The durable canister is made of borosilicate glass and can hold up to four cups at a time. The silicone rings around the cap keep things fresh so the cold brew can be refrigerated for quite some time — if it lasts that long. It features a stainless steel filter to keep grounds where they belong and a no-slip silicone base to prevent slipping or shattering.

A Rainfall Showerhead That Uses Less Water

Not only will this rainfall showerhead make you feel like you’re in a fancy spa — it will save you money too. With a system that injects tiny air bubbles into each droplet, this under-$30 home improvement product ends up using less water than ordinary showerheads. It also has a stainless steel back that won’t rust and sleek, shiny chrome plating.

A Laundry Detergent Holder for a Perfect Pour Each Time

Instead of struggling to lift a heavy bottle (or deal with messy drips), keep your detergents and softeners on this laundry detergent holder. Its slanted position allows the liquid to easily pour out and right into your cap. Any size detergent bottle fits using the included adjustable strap.

This Quiet Humidifier with 76,000 5-Star Reviews

This whisper-quiet humidifier has the power to moisturize the air in a room that’s up to 250 square feet. Once you fill the 1.5-liter tank to its max capacity, the machine can run for 25 hours, letting you enjoy its benefits throughout the night. Its 360-degree mist nozzle can be set on a low or high setting so that you can properly regulate humidity. It also has a light strip that can act as a night light.

A Wireless Doorbell That Can Withstand Bad Weather

This battery-operated wireless doorbell offers 52 unique chimes and the ability to set them at four different volume levels. It comes with two transmitters to work from 1,000 feet away. And because the device can operate in all weather conditions (including rain, snow, and temperatures from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140), it can be placed anywhere. Install it with the included screws or adhesive tape.

This Silicone Strainer That Takes Up Less Cabinet Space

At just half the size of a typical colander and made of much more flexible material, this silicone strainer will save you a ton of cabinet space. It clamps onto any pot or bowl with its strong clips so that you can keep your pasta and veggies in the same vessel — minimizing the number of dishes that need to be washed. Just drain the water out through the built-in spout and you’ll be ready for the next step of the recipe.

A Bamboo Turntable That Makes Hosting Easy & Luxe

Reviewers say this turntable is great for parties and as an organizer for countertops and cabinets. One reviewer commented, “We use it to hold some heavy bottles, and it is holding up well, plus it looks nice and is smooth so easy to clean.” And because it’s made of genuine bamboo, it’s strong enough to hold up to 25 pounds.

This Non-Slip Bath Mat Made of Cushy Memory Foam

Adding this bath mat to your cart is one of the simplest ways to give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves. The plush, thick memory foam absorbs liquid and dries quickly, and it also has a non-slip bottom. It comes in seven different sizes (and 22 colors) to match the amount of space you have.

A Bidet Attachment You Can Easily Install Yourself

To upgrade your bathroom without doing any construction, snap this bidet attachment onto your toilet. It’s made of durable plastic that won’t rust and is compact enough that to blend in with your toilet. Using the easy-access control dial, you can easily adjust the water pressure and nozzle angle.

These Furniture Risers That Can Handle Up to 10,000 Pounds

Able to hold up to a shocking 10,000 pounds, these furniture risers can be used in several ways around the house. Lift your bed to create more storage space underneath or your couch to make it a more comfortable sitting height — they can also be used with desks and chairs. This pack comes with four pieces that each provide a two-inch height boost but they can also be stacked together for an even higher lift. The anti-skid pad and bottom will keep things from moving around or scratching your floors.

A Pack of Drawer Dividers to Help You Stay Organized

While these drawer dividers are the perfect tool to separate clothes and intimates, their design also makes them useful in a desk or the kitchen. The bamboo material is water-resistant and each of the four dividers extends from 17 to 22 inches. Pick them up in white, gray, or a natural wood finish to match your decor.

These Hangers That’ll Save So Much Space In Your Closet

Taking up the same amount of space as an ordinary hanger but offering five times the storage, these pants hangers are a no-brainer. Their beechwood and steel frames have a non-slip coating to keep even the silkiest pair in place. When it’s time to put an outfit together, just lift the bottom hook to get a clear view of all your options. One reviewer commented, “I was really shocked about how good of quality these hangers are. They are well built and heavy.”

This Organizer to Keep Your Batteries Together

Grab this battery organizer so your batteries are kept together instead of rolling around in your junk drawer. The container has 93 slots to hold batteries including AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, D, and flat. It has a clear cover so that you can easily see everything that you have available and can even be mounted to the wall so that it doesn’t take up any drawer or counter space. It comes with a built-in battery tester as well.

These Door Bumpers That Have Tons of Uses

These self-adhesive door bumpers can be stuck to everything from a cabinet door to the bottom of a laptop, a door handle, and so much more. Place them anywhere that may come in contact with another hard surface in order to prevent slipping, scratches, and damage — or to minimize noise when drawers or cabinets are slammed shut. They’re nearly invisible and completely waterproof. This pack comes with 118 pieces of different shapes and sizes.

The Corner Grippers Reviewers Use to Prevent Tripping on Rugs

These rug corner grippers offer a solution to an annoying problem that can also be dangerous. To prevent your rugs from curling or sliding, just stick on these heavy-duty pieces. They feature sticky gel sides and a foam tip so that you can still lift your rug up when it’s time to clean underneath. If they start to lose their grip, you can wipe them down with rubbing alcohol to renew their stickiness.

A Set of Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats That Don’t Need to Be Oiled

Put down the oil, butter, and cooking spray — instead, reach for these silicone baking mats. Their non-slip surfaces require no pre-treatment but will still have all your delicious creations sliding right off. The pair can withstand up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and are safe to use in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. The set includes two half sheets, and other sizes and larger packs are available in the same listing.

This Serving Tray With Convenient Side Handles

Thanks to its foldable legs, this lightweight bamboo serving tray can be used even when you don’t have a sturdy surface. Just balance your food on its sturdy bamboo while lounging in bed. It also can elevate a laptop or tablet as well. It has two handles on either side for easy carrying and a raised border to prevent spills or crumbs from escaping.

A Reversible Throw Blanket Made of Soft Fleece

This reversible throw blanket has a neutral-colored fleece on one side and a fun pop of color on the other. Reviewers report this blanket doesn’t shed, fade, or lose its softness no matter how often they’re used or put in the wash. The ribbed design is a great accent to lay over your couch or bed, offering an affordable way to spruce up your decor. It’s available in two sizes and 11 colors, and also comes in six all-sherpa options.

This Clever, Mountable Plastic Bag Holder

Mount this plastic bag holder on a wall or cabinet door for easy access to its two openings on the top and side. It’s a genius way to keep all of your plastic bags together and out of your way. Plus, because the container’s exterior is made of brushed stainless steel, it blends right in with your kitchen, pantry, or garage.

A Hole Repair Kit for Wall Repairs That Has 26,000+ 5-Star Reviews

To patch your walls in a more professional (and faster) way, all you need is this hole repair kit that has 26,000 five-star reviews. It comes with an eight-ounce tub of primer-enhanced spackle, a four-inch self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and a sanding pad. It can fill holes that are up to three inches in diameter and won’t shrink, or crack after drying.

This Sink Splash Guard With a Stellar 4.8 Overall Rating

Made of self-draining silicone, this splash guard keeps your sink area neat and clean. The durable material resists mold, so you don’t have to worry about buying a second one in a few months. The section that goes around your faucet can adjust to fit most sizes and shapes and, thanks to its non-slip bottom, it will stay in place. Over 1,000 reviewers have given this item an impressive 4.8-star overall rating.

A Sofa Arm Tray to Keep Your Drink Nearby

Create an additional mini coffee table that’s right at your side with this sofa arm tray. It’s available in 12 finishes to match your furniture and features rubber-studded padding on the bottom to prevent slipping and protect your couch or chair fabric. The panels can expand to fit over any size and shape armrest and have a top slit that’s designated for your phone. On the center pad, keep your drink, remote control, and anything else you need within reach.

This Cushion Insert Reviewers Say Is Absolute Magic

Before spending thousands on a new couch, try upgrading the one you have with this cushion insert that one reviewer wrote is “absolutely couch magic” and added, “if you’re hesitant about purchasing this, DONT BE!” It’s made of 1.5-inch thick foam that restores your seat’s density and also revives your furniture’s appearance by eliminating sagging. The pack comes in three different sizes, depending on the amount of support you need.

A Comfy Anti-Fatigue Mat For Your Kitchen Or Standing Desk

With nearly half an inch of supportive memory foam, this anti-fatigue mat reduces pressure on your joints to avoid an achy back, as well as foot and leg discomfort. Whether you place it by the kitchen sink or your standing desk, its beveled edges will keep it from curling and moving around on any type of floor. The durable PVC outer layer helps it retain its shape and resist water. It’s available in nine colors and multiple sizes and thicknesses.

This Pack of Smart Plugs to Automate Your Lights & Devices

These small but mighty smart plugs can change the feel of your home, make your life easier, and save on energy bills. You can set your lights to automatically turn on and you can shut off lights remotely as well. They can be controlled as a group or separately via voice control using Alexa and Google Home Assistant, or with a free app.

These Electric Grinders With a Guiding LED Light

Treat yourself to the flavor of fresh spices with these electric salt and pepper grinders. The devices feature one-hand operation, as well as the ability to adjust the coarseness of each grind. Plus, there’s an LED built into the bottom so you can see exactly how much you’re using. One reviewer noted how well they blend in with their decor, writing, “Once filled, they didn’t just add taste to my food; they also looked good in the kitchen.”

A Smart Bulb That Can Be Set on a Schedule

With the ability to sync to music and 16 million color options, this smart bulb can definitely be your newest party trick — but it’s also great for everyday use. It can be put on a schedule and even has modes that mimic the appearance of sunrise and sunset. And because this LED bulb is equivalent to 60 watts, you’ll be saving on your electricity bill as well.

These Easy-To-Remove Wall Hooks That Look Great

Made of real metal, these wall hooks look much more permanent than they actually are. They can be installed in seconds by sticking their adhesive back to any kind of surface. This pack comes with two hooks and a total of four sticky strips so that each hook can be moved at least once. And if you switch their positioning or remove them, you don’t have to worry about any messy residue being left behind.

A Draft Stopper That Can Lower Your Electric Bill

This draft stopper is equipped with two strips of dense sponge to well insulate the gap beneath your door. It works to keep out hot and cold air (ultimately helping you lower your heat and electricity bills), and it also keeps out light, dust, and even bugs. It comes in a 34-inch length but can be cut to fit your doorway. The cover is safe to pop in your washing machine as needed.

These Satin Pillowcases That Only Look Expensive

These satin pillowcases will take the look of your bedroom from drab to fabulous — and they’ll also protect your hair and skin. Thanks to their luxuriously soft and smooth fabric, they don’t tug and pull like cotton ones do. This set of two comes in 27 different colors ranging from jewel tones to neutrals to match (or brighten) your bed set.

A Toothbrush Holder With an Automatic Paste Dispenser

In addition to being a toothbrush holder, this organizer is equipped with a cup holder, pull-out drawer, and multiple recesses along the top where you can keep perfume, hair brushes, and more. It even has an automatic toothpaste dispenser to make mornings a little easier. It can be mounted on the wall with the included adhesive strips that give it the power to hold up to 11 pounds.

This 2-Tier, Stackable Shoe Rack Made Of Bamboo

With a length of over two feet and a weight capacity of 40 pounds, this shoe rack is constructed from natural bamboo, giving it strength and durability. The two-tier design is roomy and another rack can be stacked right on top — or you can go with the three-tiered version available in the same listing. It comes in black and two natural wood finishes to add a chic touch to your closets and hallways.

A Precise Digital Food Scale for Less Than $10

To take the guesswork out of measuring, pick up this fancy-looking digital food scale. You’ll feel like a pro as you precisely weigh up to 11 pounds of ingredients. The LCD screen clearly displays four different units (grams, ounces, milliliters, and pounds) and measures down to a single gram. And because it’s only half an inch tall, it’s easy to slide into a drawer for storage between uses.

These Chair Leg Protectors To Prevent Scratches

Made of stretchy, barely-visible silicone, these chair leg protectors will be able to fit over nearly any furniture legs — including square ones. Wrap them around desk, table, or couch legs to prevent damage to wood, vinyl, or tile floors. Each piece is equipped with a felt pad at the bottom so that things can easily slide around. This pack comes with 32 pieces to cover the legs of eight pieces of furniture.

These Odor-Eliminating Bags That Can Be Used for Years

Filled with activated bamboo charcoal, this four-pack of air-purifying bags filters out odors and excess humidity to freshen any room. They can be placed in the car, closet, and even your fridge. They are made of bamboo charcoal in a breathable fabric sack with a reinforced metal hole at the top so you can hang it up as well. The bags can be rejuvenated by spending a few hours in direct sunlight, so you can use them for years.

A Mini Food Processor with a 3-Cup Bowl

To take your cooking up a level without sacrificing much counter or cabinet space, you need this mini food processor — it’s just five inches wide and eight inches tall. Despite its petite size, it has the power to chop up three cups of any kind of food with its stainless steel blades and 350-watt motor. And because the bowl, blades, and lid are all dishwasher-safe, clean-up is fast and easy.

These Stove Gap Covers That Prevent Food from Falling in the Gap

Heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, this set of two stove gap covers has earned over 34,000 five-star reviews. They keep crumbs and liquids from falling down the gap between your stove and counters. Made with grippy silicone in a matte black, white, and clear finish, you can choose whichever will seamlessly blend in with your oven and countertop. They are also available in three lengths within the listing.

These Handle Covers that Prevent Smudges on Steel Appliances

These fabric handle covers will keep your appliance looking as shiny as ever. They prevent fingerprints from collecting and even catch drips that may come from your hands while cooking. They’re soft to the touch and are available in five lengths with several multipacks within the listing. Reviewers report the gray color blends in well with their stainless steel appliances.

A Swiveling Utensil Holder Reviewers Say Holds Even More Than They Expected

Instead of rummaging through drawers as you struggle to find the right spatula or whisk, keep everything you need in this kitchen utensil holder. The stainless steel container will be a sleek addition to your countertop that can swivel 360 degrees for convenience. Inside, it has a removable divider that splits the circle into three sections. Reviewers say it’s well-sized, with one fan writing that it “holds even more than I anticipated.”

This Plant Stand That Can Hold at Least 7 Pots

Although this plant stand technically has seven different levels, each is nearly a foot wide, giving you enough room to store more than one smaller pot on each. It’s made of solid wood with plastic reinforcements at each corner. It’s a beautiful and easy way to fill up empty spaces and bring some life into your home. You can also opt for the option with wheels at the same listing.

A Cable Organizer to Reduce Visual Clutter

Declutter your desk with this cable organizer to make your workspace look more professional and clear annoying clutter. With side slits that wires can slide through, this two-pack of boxes also comes with cable ties and clips to keep everything neat inside as well. A sleek wood-finish lid keeps everything under wraps.

A Hair Catcher with 82,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Adding this hair catcher to your shower drain can help you avoid hefty plumbing costs; this silicone plug ensures that every strand wraps around its mushroom shape. And because it’s made with plenty of holes and extra feet at the bottom, it won’t disrupt water flow. Over 82,000 customers have left five-star reviews raving about the product’s durability and results. It’s also available in five other colors including clear.

This Magnetic Screen Door for a Hands-Free (& Bug-Free) Entrance

It’s tempting to leave the door open during warmer months, but the bugs that get inside mean it’s not always worth it. This magnetic screen door keeps out everything you don’t want while still giving you the freedom to enjoy a hands-free entrance, making it easier to carry food out to the patio or bring in packages from the car. The ventilated screen has a magnetic strip going down the center and side straps so that you can keep it open if you’d like.

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