A lot of things on Amazon go viral. If you have ever looked at a dress that everyone says is a “must-have” item and wondered how anyone could fall for that hype, you know that the reasons are not always compelling. Some things become popular only because someone popular got paid to wear them. But that’s not the case with any of these things. Of all the weird, wildly popular stuff on Amazon, these 50 things actually deserve the hype.

This Wild Alarm Clock That Runs Away

When a gathering needs something capable of entertaining everyone from a child to a beer-swilling adult, this

Get revenge on whoever told you to stop playing with your food by sipping soup from this

Jotting notes with a pen and paper is a pleasant tactile experience and the act of writing can help you remember. This

Your laptop will last longer and glitch less if it doesn’t overheat. But the more powerful it is, the more heat it emits. This

When your beard is too wild and wooly for polite company, pull out this

Get all your tea bags out of those annoying cardboard boxes that fill up the cupboard and into this tea

If you are tired of constantly having to make another hot beverage because the one you were sipping went cold while you were busy, set your brew on this

Turn an annoying fly chase into a fun racket sport by wielding this

This clever low-tech

Make meatballs fast without sticking your hands into the raw ground beef to do it with this clever

Yes, you can wash your ball caps. But, if you want them to come out of the wash looking like the hat you love, put it in this

Sure, you could get a normal spoon rest to set your utensil on when you are cooking. But this

This four-pack of

Eating in your car does not have to be awkward and messy. Clip this

Stretching your ankle is the way to relieve so many kinds of foot pain — plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, ankle strain, and more — but it’s hard to do on a flat surface. This

Don’t risk getting sick from dips, sauces, and salads that get warm at a picnic or buffet. Serve them in this

When bright lights, noise, or other distractions threaten your beauty rest, don these

Make a stack of cool and refreshing popsicles from your own ingredients with this

Is there a meal that’s not improved by the addition of chopped garlic? Why then is chopping it such a chore? This

Watermelon is delicious and refreshing but cutting up a big melon is a bit of a chore. Or it is if you don’t have this

You don’t have to line up at the local cafe to get an espresso. You can have one in your car, campsite, or home with this

Bring order to your bed rot with this

This lovely wireless,

Stick this cute and colorful


Whether you are timing your Pomodoro work breaks, a steeping pot of tea, or a hard-boiled egg, this

Create your own delicious beverages and serve them from this pretty,

Pack your lunch and all the gear you need in this

If your name is Bond, James Bond, Q might hand you this

Don’t let laziness or a lack of adequate kitchen tools keep you from eating a delicious omelet. You can cook one up in the

Turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons by installing these

Tuck this clever

If you have struggled to find a water bottle that’s big enough for your hydration needs yet still fits in your car’s cup holder, you can give up that quest. This

Expand the storage space in your spice cabinet and make it easy to find the spices you use most often by peeling and sticking this


Take an online class while you shower. Keep an eye on the kids or the baby via your connected cameras while soaking in the tub. Or just watch the news while you get ready for work. This

If you want to make sure no one is watching what you do online or stealing your ideas or financial data as you work, install this

Turn a standard outlet into a powerful power source by plugging this

Before you go camping, hiking, or into an apocalypse, make sure you have this

The chaos in your cupboard is probably keeping you from cooking. The extra effort it takes to find the pan or lid you need makes prepping a meal feel harder than it is. This pan organizer reduces that friction by giving every pan an individual shelf. You don’t have to hunt through a pile or pull every pan out to get to the one on the bottom. The dividers are adjustable and it works horizontally or vertically. It comes in three finishes.

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