Ah, young love. Even amidst world-ending supernatural events, the protagonist of Persona 3 Portable has the time to pursue romance. With two protagonists P3P offers even more romance to pursue than the rest of the series. So outside of getting started and keeping your grades up, you should not forget that maybe love could be in there. In order to help you find the perfect match, we put together a definitive list of every romance option and how to woo them for the female and male protagonists in Persona 3 Portable.

Romance options for the male protagonist in Persona 3 Portable

Yukari Takeba

Yukari is the first SEES member you meet in P3P, but you won’t be able to begin her social link until July 24th. However, in order to start the social link the protagonist will have to max out your Charm stat. Romancing her is about support as well as being strong enough to challenge her when she is avoiding her own emotions. She is a headstrong but kind person who is a joy to romance.

Mitsuru Kirijo

Hot, a little mean, and distant, Mitsuru is a romance option made for me. Mitsuru is a fascinating character whose personal social link has connections to the larger plot of P3P. The player will have to wait a long time to romance her though as it cannot be started until November 21st and you also must max out your Academics.

Fuuka Yamagishi

Putting in the time to romance Fuuka slowly opens up as a character who is at first shy and reserved, the target of bullies. To begin her social link the protagonist needs to max out the courage stat as Fuuka is an absolutely horrendous cook but you don’t want to tell her right away. The social link can be initiated on June 19th.

Chihiro Fushimi

The bespeckled member of the study council also has a shyness to her that extends to being nervous around men. Over the course of the social link, the protagonist becomes the first person Chihiro forms a bond with. You can begin the social link on May 28th by joining the student council.

Yuko Nishiwaki

There is something fun about romancing non-party members in Persona games. They feel separate from the main story in a way that makes the romance seem like a nice escape from the hectic life the protagonist leads. In P3P you can romance Chihiro who is the manager of whatever sports team you join. You can begin the link on April 28th. This social link is pretty straightforward and gives the same reward regardless of if you romance her or not.


Aegis is not an explicitly romantic option, but her connection to the protagonist is fairly romantic in its undertones, with her constantly saying I love you to the protagonist. While this is one of the latest starting social links in the game, starting on January 8th in the new year, she is one of the most relevant characters to the ending of P3P. Talk to her and understand her issues with her own identity and humanity in order to build a bond with Aegis.


Elizabeth is the Velvet Room attendant for the male protagonist. Rather than traditional dialogue options and events, she will give the player a series of errands that also include taking her out into the human world and showing her around. After completing request 55 you will unlock the final romance scenes for Elizabeth. She takes a lot of work but it is a unique romance in P3P.

Romance options for the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable

Akihiko Sanada

Perhaps the best argument for playing as the female protagonist is that you have the opportunity to romance certified hottie Akihiko. Once you defeat the Priestess Shadow on the second full moon you can begin the social link, as long as you also have reached level four in your charm stat. He is a little serious but he means well. To make it clear you want to romance him you need to inform him you aren’t dating anybody at rank IV, then tell him he is charming in rank V, and then help him realize he is in love in rank VIII.

Shinjiro Aragaki

The bad boy with a heart of gold, Shinjiro is not a traditional romance in its conclusion. Be warned this one is a bit of a downer. Beginning on September 7th you can start his social link. You need to max out his social link before October 4th at which point, he will become… unavailable.

Ryoji Mochizuki

The real bad boy of P3P can also be the target of your affection. Romancing Ryoji is tough. You will automatically begin the social link on November 9th, after which he can be found during the day outside Classroom 2F. He will also constantly try to hang out with you — never refuse him. Ryoji’s social link is on a short timeline so you want to spend as much time as you can with him. Talk to Ryoji immediately after completing rank II and after November 29th or you will be locked out of the rest of his social link. If you have spent time with Ryoji at literally every chance he gave you, then you will be able to romance him.

Ken Amada

Ken technically is a romance option for the female protagonist. He is also a literal child. While you can pursue his social link to get the rewards you have the option to stop any romance to progress. In order to do this, respond “I have no one” and “Who cares about stuff like that!” during the rank VII event.


Aigis’s social link is the same for the male and female protagonists so follow the same tips as discussed earlier.

Theodore and Elizabeth

The female protagonist gets a choice between two different Velvet Room attendants: Elizabeth and Theodore. Theodore operates the same as Elizabeth so follow the tips discussed earlier. Even as the female protagonist you can pursue Elizabeth’s romance, and you will be given the same romantic scene after completing all her errands.

Persona 3 Portable launches on January 19, 2023, for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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