Razer revealed its lightest gaming mouse ever, which weighs in at 49 grams. The Viper Mini Signature might not be the lightest mouse in the gaming peripherals market, especially compared to Finalmouse’s offerings, but it does feature a unique design.

Instead of the traditional honeycomb design that most ultra-lightweight mouses use to shave off grams, Razer went with a more spider web-like look for its Viper Mini Signature. It does feel like the mouse will be a nightmare when it comes to harboring dust, but you’re paying for performance here, not practicality.

Durable design — To get to the 49-gram weight, Razer went with a magnesium alloy exoskeleton for the Viper Mini Signature. The company also considered using plastic, titanium, or carbon fiber, but ultimately went with magnesium alloy for its strength-to-weight ratio. That way, Razer could make a lightweight mouse, while still offering enough durability to survive the usual wear and tear that comes with PC gaming.

Since it’s a performance gaming mouse, Razer uses its Focus Pro 30K optical sensor that has 30,000 DPI, a max speed of 750 IPS, and a max acceleration of 70 G. Inside, the Viper Mini Signature has Razer’s third-gen optical mouse switches that have a 90 million click lifecycle. You shouldn’t get any input lag either since Razer says its HyperPolling wireless tech is four times faster than standard wireless mice. The Viper Mini Signature can get up to 60 hours of gaming and will fully charge up in less than 90 minutes.

Lightweight luxury — The Viper Mini Signature is only going to be available through Razer’s website, starting at $279.99. Razer is planning to do the first drop on February 11 at 8 p.m. ET. For reference, that’s way more than the $40 Viper Mini, but you won’t get all those cool cutout holes.

On a more serious note, that price tag is definitely on the higher side and is obviously not targeting the everyday consumer. We’re not sure it’s worth the roughly 20-gram reduction from the Viper Mini, especially considering most people won’t be able to tell the difference. However, it’s clear that the Viper Mini Signature is targeting pro gamers who want every inch of advantage and aren’t so worried about price tags. For the rest of us, there are far cheaper options out there.

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