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When you’ve been living in your home for a bit and find yourself obsessing over how much you don’t like the floor in the bathroom or the inadequate space in your closet, you might be ready to throw a bit of money — or at least some savings goals — at fixing it. How would you feel, though, if I told you there was a cheap fix instead? These cheap fixes are so good, they serve as permanent solutions — not merely stopgaps till you can afford something more expensive. And, they’re fixes that won’t even require that you get out your overalls and become Captain DIY. That’s why reviewers are obsessed with these cheap, beautiful home upgrades. Because they are so easy to do.

Creating elegant, functional spotlighting with LED puck lights

Turn any corner into a decorative display area by mounting this two-tier

Reduce the clutter on your desk or bedside table by making use of the vertical space and creating order with this adjustable

Turn your own photographs or even prints cut from a favorite art book into a bona fide art gallery on your walls. It’s an inexpensive way to create personalized decor, cover blank walls, and provide interest. These gallery

The promise of a wall-mounted TV is that it will get rid of the bulky furniture under the TV. But where do you put the DVR or cable box? This glass

Transform the ancient floor you dream about replacing into one with eye-catching tile — without actually replacing the floor. You simply peel and stick these

You don’t have to drop a fortune to remodel the kitchen. Sometimes changing a high-use item can be a major transformation. And this

Treat your wood furniture and cabinets to a drink of this wood

Changing out the builder-level switch plates that are standard in many homes is a quick and inexpensive way to personalize and beautify your space. Switch plates are a touch point so they are very noticeable. And when people notice these snazzy

String lights are a terrific way to light interiors or exteriors. The light is beautifully diffused and the lights themselves are a decorative element. These solar

A quick way to beautify your bathroom is to turn the shower curtain into a decorative element. And this fabric

If you are cooking with a hodgepodge of inadequate utensils, add this

If there is a cabinet or counter in your home that causes you to constantly hunt for the items stored there, that is the ideal place to add this two-tiered

Plants make a home feel lived-in and welcoming. Unless those plants are struggling. That gives an entirely different vibe. These mini potted

Hang this

Keep your cookies, candy, coffee beans, or snacks in one of these two beautiful airtight

If your hat collection has exceeded your storage capacity, hang this 10-shelf

When friends stop by and stay for a drink or you just can’t manage to cook dinner, pull out this wooden

Give yourself a little breathing room in your closet by pulling out anything you rarely use and storing it in these two

There is no clutter problem that cannot be solved by the right system of storage. And this large, woven

Keep one of these decorative

This big box of 50

This heavy-duty

These microfiber

This bamboo

Set a roll of paper towels on the counter in this chrome

There is no meal that’s simpler than putting something in the oven and waiting for it to become delicious. Oven-to-table simplicity is easier if you have baking dishes that are easy to store, easy to clean, and pretty enough to serve from. This architectural glass

Use this set of 15 classic

These two lightweight

Plug this vintage, plug-in

Use these sheer

If you are tired of the daily dig through your sock and underwear drawer, drop these

In kitchens all over the world, there is (probably) always someone frantically searching for the lid to a food storage container. This

Even when they aren’t lit and throwing romantic ambient lighting all over your dwelling, these three pillar

Store all your knives and scissors in this sleek and compact stainless steel

Store everything from bath salts to floss picks in these four clear, decorative

Pack all your blankets, coats, and sweaters into these six huge

Keep your towels handy in the bathroom while turning them into a design element — just roll them up and put them in this wall-mounted towel rack. The two-piece design lets you hang them as one vertical rack or side-by-side for horizontal storage. There are five finishes and they work well for wine bottles, too.

Reviewer: “I wasn’t sure it would fit my large towels, but it does, and it looks so clean and organized in my tiny bathroom. If you have a small space, get this!”

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