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The Episode 4 preview aired on Adult Swim right after Episode 3 concluded, and it’s spaghetti Thursday. Rick rushes into the dining room, shouting, “Who’s ready for Rick’s famous spaghetti!?” Summer immediately smashes her cell phone against the wall as Morty and Jerry run to their seats. (Jerry trips and falls, which is a nice touch.)

Everybody gorges themselves. Summer remarks that the sauce is a little spicy and a little sweet. Jerry also reveals that he bombed a job interview, but “it’s nothing that a little bolognese can’t cure.”

Jerry tripping over his own two feet and bombing a job interview seem pretty typical, but the overall sense of mania they all have regarding this pasta situation reads as a bit suspicious. The show often opens on a Smith family meal, yet they’re occasionally a tricky bit of misdirection. “Total Rickall” famously opened on a meal with Uncle Steve who turned out to be an alien parasite. Could something similar be happening here?

What is the Plot of Rick and Morty Season 7 Episode 4?

Episode 4 is called “That’s Amorte” with the logline “Broh, that’s-a some good spaghetti,” as shown in Adult Swim’s Season 7 Episode Titles Reveal. That video also shows some sort of factory in the background. Other places in the title reveal video have played some part in the Season 7 episodes thus far. The skies above are incredibly polluted, so this is probably some sort of alien planet or other universe where Earth is in some sort of climate crisis.

The title is an obvious riff on “That’s Amore,” the title of a 1953 song from the King of Cool, Dean Martin. It’s the sort of tune that pretty much everybody has heard at least once. (“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”)

Amore” by itself is the Italian word for love, which is why it’s used in the name of countless Italian-American restaurants thanks in no small part to this very song. Notably, the teaser poster for Season 7 shows Morty hugging Rick. They’re both covered in marinara and large strands of spaghetti while meatballs and pasta rain from the sky. Huge pasta piles also lie in the background. They’re standing next to some kind of hole with ominous black strands of something emerging from it.

Clearly, all of these things are related in some way. But how? Here’s an out-there theory, but we’re hoping that Rick and Morty tackles the parody religion of Pastafarianism, confirming it as real in the Rick and Morty multiverse. Created by a young physicist named Bobby Henderson in 2005, the religion is rooted in the faux belief that a large, invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe “after drinking heavily.” SpaghettiMonster.org also notes that the religion’s version of the afterlife includes a “Beer Volcano and Stripper Factory.”

Heavy drinking? Beer volcanos? A stripper factory? All of this sounds like a religion that Rick Sanchez would get behind.

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