There are only four episodes left of American Horror Story Season 8, and much of the season so far has been in the form of flashbacks or other storylines that don’t tell fans much about the actual end of the world that Apocalypse is supposed to be portraying. But Ryan Murphy himself, the creative mastermind behind AHS, may have offered a clue back in September on his Instagram account about how things are going to go before the season is over.

Although the post in question is from weeks ago, fans are now putting the pieces together about how it could give away the ending of this season based on what’s happened so far. Viewers now know that the witches of Coven tried to thwart Michael Langdon’s rise as the Antichrist, before the world “ended” in warfare, thanks to a number of flashback episodes, and some fans think an Instagram post Murphy made on September 10 may directly allude to that struggle of wills.

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