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What’s the hardest thing to find in the galaxy of Starfield? According to some players, it just might be a man named Percival. Partway through Delivering Devils, a side quest you can complete for the UC Vanguard, you’ll be asked to find Dr. Percival Walker. Mostly due to Starfield’s lack of a good map, lots of players are having a hard time tracking down Percival when it comes time to do so.

If you’d rather spend your time chasing down pirates and discovering the mysteries of the universe than looking for one scientist, read on to see where to find Percival in Starfield.

Pay Off Percival’s Debt

Keep in mind that the step to find Percival comes at the end of a rather long questline, so if you haven’t gotten the quest step that explicitly tells you to find Percival, make sure you finish the mission up to that point first. If you’re still on the previous step, which requires you to pay off Percival’s debt, you have the chance to make finding Percival a lot easier.

When you’re given the choice, choose to finish Cambridge and Percival’s research. Doing that will take you to a location on Mars called the Deep Mines, near the Cydonia landing site. If you’re following the quest, you should have a marker showing you where to find the mines. Once you’re there, you’ll need to clear out a pirate gang and feed a sample of Hematite to a machine in the lab. You can find Hematite on the surface of Mars if you don’t have any handy.

After you deposit the Hematite, you can grab a key for the mine’s employee exit on top of the machine. It’ll unlock an elevator in the same room, giving you a handy entrance for when you return, because it turns out this very mine is where you’ll find Percival.

Once you’ve finished this leg of the quest and unlock the Deep Mines’ employee exit, you can head back to the Sixth Circle in Cydonia. Here, you can synthesize Pick-Me-Up with Cambridge’s help, which you can then sell to clear Percival’s debt.

At this point, you’ll be sent back to Lou at the Sixth Circle, who tells you that Percival can be found in the Deep Mines and gives you the key to get in. This step will be the same no matter which route you took to clear Percival’s debt, but actually reaching Percival is significantly easier if you’ve already cleared out the area.

Find Percival in the Deep Mines

Assuming you’ve done that, you can fast travel back to the employee exit you just unlocked. Simply head down the elevator into the mine and you’re on your way.

If you cleared Percival’s debt another way, you’ll need to take the long way through the mine. You can still get there by parking at Cydonia on Mars and hiking toward the quest marker to find the entrance.

From here, you’ll have to make your way through the mines the same way you would have if you’d helped Cambridge earlier. It’s a long trek, but there’s only one path through, so as long as you don’t double back, you can’t really get lost. Keep Percival’s quest marker generally in front of you if you’re stuck, but be aware that the twists and turns of the mine mean you won’t always be following it exactly. You’ll know when you’ve hit the lab because it’s the first room full of high-tech equipment and an elevator rather than dirt.

From this point on, your directions are the same whether you came in through the employee exit or the front door. With your back to the employee exit elevator, you’ll see a set of stairs and the entrance to the sample Thresher room on your left. Head through the door on the right instead, take another sharp right, then follow the long tunnel in front of you. You’ll find a set of stairs at the end, with the door at the top. Use the Drill Waste Room Access Key you got from Lou to open it and head through.

From here, you’re essentially following a straight path to Percival. Navigate your way across several catwalks until you come to a giant rocky chasm. You can either float across with your jetpack or take the path concealed to the left when you enter the room. Just past this chasm, you’ll find Percival’s hideout, and your quest marker will finally start being useful again. Head through the tunnel to your right, and you’ll find Percival waiting for you at the end.

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