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offer bonuses that can complement your playstyle or open a whole new one to mix in. The only downside is that you can only get three at max level (four if you’re a Fighter). More Frequent Feats grants you a Feat every two levels, instead of every three like the base game, so you’ll end up with six at max level. It definitely makes Baldur’s Gate 3 easier, so use it with caution if you’re looking for a challenge.

. The only problem is, you have to commit mass murder to get her on your side. This mod lets you add the powerful Paladin to your crew with zero atrocities, and it comes in two flavors. One adds an event where Minthara appears at Moonrise Towers to join your party, and the other simply lets you summon her with a magic ring.

Daughter of Lolth – Minthara on NexusMods

Daughter of Lolth – Minthara – Good Recruitment on NexusMods

No Romance Limit

Baldur’s Gate 3 has some of the most smoochable party members of all time. Unfortunately, once you settle down with one companion, it will lock you out of relationships with most others. No Romance Limit lets you date multiple partners, for those who are down for some fantasy polyamory.

No Romance Limit on NexusMods

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