Don’t run away when you see the word upgrade because this list is completely free of pricey home decor pieces or way-too-expensive flooring. Instead, these super easy-to-use pieces prove that you can add a few budget-friendly upgrades around your home, and they’ll actually save you a ton of money.

Because sometimes, not having to buy a new sofa or spend way too much money on your power bill feels like the best home upgrade ever — especially when they’re so easy to install or work into your routine.

This Door Draft Stopper That’s Easy to Keep Dust-Free

This door draft stopper takes care of more than just those chilly breezes, because the thick foam also blocks out noise and light. You can also pull out the plush foam piece and trim it down to fit your unique door. This easy-to-pop-on draft stopper also has a soft cover that you can pull off and machine-wash when it gets a little dusty.

These Wood Markers That Can Revive Scratched & Chipped Furniture

Instead of buying a new coffee table or paying a professional to refinish your floors, break out these popular wood markers. This pack of six differently colored markers cover up scratches and small nicks. If there’s a bigger dent in your stuff, this set also comes with wax crayons.

This Sturdy Silicone Sealing Tape That’s so Versatile

If your windows have little gaps that let air through, this silicone weather stripping comes as a roll of quick-to-apply tape. You can also line your doors and shower door with it because it has a transparent, sturdy, and adhesive-free band on the bottom that won’t get in the way of opening your door or window.

A Luxurious Rainfall Shower Head That Actually Saves Some Water

This oversized 8-inch shower head gives you that luxurious rainfall shower stream without completely redoing your shower, and it even saves you a bunch of water. How? It has an air intake system that allows for high pressure but little water usage. The lightweight chrome-plated plastic design makes it super easy to swap out your classic shower head for this sleek option.

A 24-Pack of Bendable Cable Savers to Clean up Frayed Chargers

These cord protectors will save a ton because they’ll protect every phone charger or cable that’s scattered around your house by preventing them from unnecessarily bending. This colorful pack can even stop your charger from tangling up on your desk or in your suitcase. Plus, the bendable silicone design has a twisty fit that you can stretch around computer cords, mouse cords, chargers, and more.

These Reusable Coffee Pods to Make Your Keurig More Budget-Friendly

With these reusable coffee pods, you can keep your favorite coffee maker around and save some money with a big bag of pre-ground coffee. You get four of these BPA-free plastic and fine stainless steel mesh cups, so you’ll always have a clean one when it’s coffee time. You can also add your go-to loose-leaf tea into these easy-to-rinse cups.

These Food-Saving Apples That You Tuck in Your Veggie Drawers

These food savers have an easy-to-swap-out packet inside that keeps produce fresh in your fridge for up to three months by absorbing ethylene gas. With their bright blue apple-shaped design, you won’t forget about these food savers underneath all of your kale and citrus. You get two of these super compact food savers, so you can stick one in each veggie drawer.

A Highly-Rated Outlet Extender With a Switch That Saves Power

Instead of unplugging all of your kitchen gadgets to save money and leaving a mess of cords on your counter, simply plug everything into these barely noticeable outlet extenders. They come with a little switch on the side, so you can simply cut the power to your coffee maker or air fryer, saving you energy. This simple

These Nonstick Baking Mats That Let You Ditch Foil & Cooking Spray

These silicone baking mats are way better than cluttering up your kitchen with those clunky boxes of foil or parchment paper. You won’t have to throw anything away after baking or roasting veggies with these dishwasher-safe mats, and you won’t even have to add oil thanks to their nonstick design.

These Double-Sealing Strips That Won’t Mess up Your Shower Door

If your glass shower door is seriously frustrating because it lets water spray all over your floor, pop on these barely noticeable transparent sealers. You can cut them down with scissors, so your shower door will close just as easily as it usually does. Plus, you won’t have to use hardware or glue to use this double-sealing strip.

These Reusable Wool Dryer Balls That Save You a Ton of Laundry Time

These wool dryer balls have a reusable design that will help out your laundry budget because you can toss them in your dryer every time without needing to buy more. They work to separate and lift laundry and lessen drying time. If you can’t give up scented laundry, these dryer balls work well with essential oils.

These Mesh Stickers That Prevent Drain Clogs

Spare yourself from expensive plumber visits by sticking these mesh drain stickers in your shower. They prevent hair, debris, and even jewelry from going down the drain and clogging your pipes — and they double as pest prevention. With these stickers, there’s no need to touch any grody old hair, you can just dispose of them when they’re full.

A Mini Waterproof Timer to Put in Your Shower or By the Kitchen Sink

This super easy-to-use digital timer is waterproof enough to hang out next to your kitchen sink or even in your shower, so you can avoid using way too much water. It comes with a hanging hook to pair it with your shower caddy and even a built-in stand to prop it up next to your dish soap.

These Reusable Food Bags That Let You Easily Organize Your Fridge

Not only do these reusable zip-top food bags save money by sparing you single-use products, but they also save space in your kitchen. Their reusable material is food-grade, leakproof, and super durable, but it’s also transparent enough to see all of your snacks and ingredients inside.

A Set of Pantry Organizers That Will Keep Food Fresh for a Long Time

Not only will these pantry organizers make it easier to find dry ingredients in your cabinets, they’ll also keep your food fresher for longer. The airtight lids lock out moisture and keep dry goods tasting delicious, and every lid will fit every container, so you don’t have to search for the exact right one.

A Rubber Broom That Will Lift Pet Hair From Your Carpet

This durable rubber broom acts like a rake, lifting pet hair and fur from your carpets and rugs, which saves you from hiring a cleaning service. It also acts as an effective way to clean up everyday dirt and debris from all floor types. This broom also has an extendable handle that goes from 18 to 40 inches and a squeegee edge that allows you to easily clean windows.

These Reusable Paper Towels That Work With Your Paper Towel Holder

These reusable bamboo paper towels are actually easy to work into your cleaning routine because they come on an easy-to-use roll — just like the single-use paper towels you’re used to. One roll will last on your paper towel holder for up to six months because you can machine-wash every perforated sheet after using it. Plus, these oversized and durable paper towels even work as reusable mop pads.

This Chic Spray Mop That You Can Fill With Your Own Cleaner

This wet or dry spray mop will look so chic in your cleaning closet with its minimalist and neutral color scheme, and it saves you money on specific cleaners, because you can use your own. It comes with three reversible, reusable microfiber pads, so you’ll always have one clean side of a mop pad ready for spills (even when two of them are in the wash).

A 6-Pack of Long, Slim Spatulas With Stirring Spoons on the End

Not only do these long silicone spatulas save the last of your favorite condiments or honey at the bottom of the container, but they also come with a little spoon on the end. You can use this dishwasher-safe set to scoop out the small bit of sauce your recipe calls for and use the spoon to stir it right in.

This Insect Trap With 57,000 Five-Star Reviews

Instead of filling your home with sticky traps and trying out way too many insect sprays, simply plug in this sleek little insect trap. Not only does it look fairly chic in your space, but this insect trap also hides all of the easy-to-replace sticky paper. It also has a built-in UV light and fan to pull them all in.

A Multi-Surface Pet Hair Remover With 103,000 Five-Star Reviews

This pet hair remover is able to be reused on surfaces all over your home, from your couch to your bedding to your clothes. It saves you money because you won’t have to toss a ton of those sticky lint roller sheets every day — and it keeps your stuff clean. The compartment has plenty of space to hold onto all of the stray pet fur that loves to cover your couch, and it’s easy to empty with the press of a button.

A Coin Counting Piggy Bank to Encourage You to Collect Stray Change

This piggy bank has an automatic digital counter on top, so it encourages you to find all of your spare change at the bottom of your bags or forgotten in your car. If you’ve saved a bunch at once, go ahead and unscrew the lid to add them all in because there are buttons on top to manually count the coins.

These Seriously Durable Magnetic Vent Covers That Look so Sleek

When it comes to vent covers, this three-pack is easy to use because the magnetic design sticks right on top of your vent cover — even if it’s painted. You can cut it to fit the exact shape of the unique vents in your home, so these extra-thick covers will look super sleek.

A Beeswax Furniture Sealant to Skip Painting or Staining

This beeswax sealant is way easier than repainting a piece of furniture you’re tired of, or worse — staining it a new color. Instead, this formula with tree nut oil and carnauba wax quickly gives painted furniture or natural wood pieces a glossy, smooth finish. It comes in clear to let your furniture’s natural color shine as well as a variety of colors.

A Fabric Defuzzer That Will Save Pilled Clothing Pieces

You won’t need to replace all of the pilled pieces in your closet, because this battery-operated defuzzer will take care of all of the pilling texture, fuzz, and every tiny bit of lit. It’s small enough to tuck next to your iron or laundry supplies, and it even works on upholstered furniture all around your home.

These Reusable Drain Snake Tools That Clear Out Clogged Pipes

These little drain tools are way better than calling a pricey plumber, and you can even reuse them every time you have an annoying (and gross) drain situation. The ends have tiny and sturdy bristles to take clear out clogs, and these flexible tools are easy to wash — just rinse them off.

This Battery Organizer & Tester That Reviewers Love

You’ll never lose an entire pack of batteries in a drawer or your closet with this clear-top battery organizer. It gives you tidy little spots for every single pack of batteries — even the huge ones that are usually a pain to store. You can also pull out the battery tester to check them every time you grab a battery. It’s a simple solution to an annoying problem, which is why this organizer has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

A Bidet Attachment to Take Pricey Toilet Paper off Your List

This bidet attachment will save you from buying pricey packs of toilet paper way too often. The sleek design will blend right into your bathroom, and you can adjust it to fit perfectly on your unique toilet. It’s also easy to adjust the water pressure and angle with the knob attachment on the side.

An Adhesive LED Light That Works Everywhere in Your Home

This stick-on LED light is the easiest option when your space is missing an under-cabinet light or even a ceiling light in a closet. The light bar design comes with four dimmable LEDs built-in and a remote to control it (and even set timers) from up to 15 feet away.

A Tasteless Mineral Oil to Help Maintain Your Wooden Cutting Boards

Keep this food-grade mineral oil in your kitchen cabinet, and you can stop replacing those pricey wooden cutting boards or even a wooden island top. It only takes a tiny bit every three months to make sure your aesthetic charcuterie boards and wooden countertops say hydrated and crack-free. It’s also odorless and tasteless, so it won’t mess up the taste of your go-to recipes.

These Amber Glass Spray Bottles That Let You Mix Your Own Cleaners

These amber glass bottles look way more put-together in your cleaning closet than mismatched plastic bottles. So, go ahead and buy the bulk budget-friendly bottle of cleaning solution (or save and make your favorite DIY air freshener) and fill up these UV-protected and leakproof spray bottles.

A 4-Pack of Smart Light Bulbs That Don’t Require a Hub

These smart light bulbs can be controlled via Amazon Alexa or an app — no smart hub is required. You can control these 9-watt LED bulbs from anywhere, which means you won’t waste electricity if you forgot to turn off the lights before you left the house. Plus, these bulbs can be set to timers and dimmers, further saving you money.

A Mini Knife Sharpener With a Sturdy, Built-In Suction Cup

You can totally avoid going knife shopping if you keep this sleek little knife sharpener in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. Even with its super compact design, this sharpener takes care of all of your go-to dinner-prep knives — even the serrated ones. It also suctions to your countertop, so it stays extra-secure when you need to sharpen a knife before chopping veggies.

These Non-Slip Pads With Sizes to Fit All of Your Furniture

These anti-slip furniture pads with built-in cushioning are way better than those little felt pads that tend to peel off and scatter all over your home. They come in pre-scored little squares, rectangles, and even unique pieces to fit L-shaped chair furniture legs so you can pop them off and protect your floor from all of your furniture and keepo all your furniture in place.

These Silicone Lids That Fit Over All of Your Pans & Bowls

These silicone lids save you from searching through scattered (and seriously frustrating) leftover containers because they stretch to fit over bowls and even large pots and pans. You gt seven different sizes, so you can even pop the small ones onto half-cut fruit. These dishwasher-safe silicone covers also work on square-shaped containers, and they come with a tidy drawstring bag.

A Commercial-Grade Stain Remover That Works on Everything

This pH-neutral stain remover will save every stained piece of clothing, furniture, or even rug in your home that you’ve thought about replacing. It’s a little bottle full of a concentrated formula, so it’s super easy to carry it around your home and spritz away organic and inorganic stains, new and old.

These Rollers That Tidy Up Your Half-Used Skincare & Toothpaste

These toothpaste rollers get out all of the toothpaste or even pricey skincare that’s usually impossible to get out of the tube. Simply twist the little handle on the side, and it will neatly roll the toothpaste or skincare tube up for you. Not only do they save your favorite products, but these durable stainless steel rollers act as a little stand to make that almost-empty toothpaste look tidy on your counter.

A Low-Odor Brick Paint With the Trendiest White Finish

This water-based paint is specifically for updating the brick accents in your home with an on-trend and minimalist whitewash finish. It’s low-odor, so you can tackle that dated fireplace or brick accent wall without dealing with a frustrating smell all day. You can also change up how opaque it is with a bit of water before you start your painting project.

A Magnetic & Rust-Free Holder That Lets You Save Your Favorite Bar Soap

If most of your bar soap ends up melted and stuck to your shower caddy’s soap holder — grab this magnetic soap holder. You stick one piece into your go-to bar soap and the adhesive holder onto your shower tiles. Not only will this stainless steel tool hold onto your soap and give your shower a modern look, but it also won’t get all rusty in the shower.

This Pack of Deodorizing Bags to Tuck in Your Closets & Fridge

These bamboo charcoal deodorizing bags are obviously perfect for keeping your shoes fresh, but you can also tuck them all over your home to take care of any unsavory odors. These reusable pouches are small enough to hide in your pantry or stick in your fridge, and you can even use the built-in loop to hang them in a closet.

The Protective Laundry Bags That Double as Packing Cubes

This laundry bag set comes with five polyester mesh bags in three different sizes, but you also get two structured round bags to take care of swimsuits or bras. Each of the zippers has an elastic cover, so these bags won’t clank around in the wash. These mesh bags also work as packing cubes, and you can throw them right in the laundry when you get home.

A Sleek Milk Frother That Lets You Make Lattes Every Single Day

This milk frother is honestly the only thing you need to stop buying pricey cafe coffee because you won’t miss out on frothy lattes. This compact battery-operated tool whips up milk or creamer, blends your matcha or hot chocolate, and overall gives your drink that coffee shop vibe. When you’re done whipping up a frenzy, it looks quite sleek on its stainless steel stand.

A Reusable Cover to Keep Your Disposable Razor Around Longer

If you prefer to shave, this little razor add-on saves you from swapping out that disposable razor way too often because it prevents rust. It securely clips right onto your razor, so you can even use it as a protective and reusable cover when you travel.

A Spare Key Fake Rock That Won’t Wear Down in Your Yard

You can stop replacing your spare key every time you lose it (and save on locksmiths) if you simply pop this durable fake rock key hider near your door. It’s completely weather- and windproof, so it won’t get worn down and look obvious after a few rainstorms.

This Waterproof Meat Thermometer With a Bunch of Helpful Charts

Overcooked dinner feels like a waste (especially if you splurged on steak or seafood), so grab this waterproof digital meat thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature. It has two included charts (including one printed on the thermometer) to help you out with all of the different meat temperatures, and it only takes about three seconds to check on that pricey steak.

A Breathable Cover to Protect Your Mattress From Water & Pests

This mattress protector will extend the life of your investment mattress. It’s 100% waterproof and will also protect your mattress from getting infested with grody pests and bacteria. Despite being such a wall or protection, this mattress cover is breathable and quiet. It’s also easy to put on — it just pulls on like a fitted sheet.

A Water Filter Sink Add-On That Is Easy To Install

If you have a habit of reaching for pricey bottled water instead of taking the time to refill your filtered water pitcher, pop this water filter onto your kitchen sink that gives you up to 100 gallons of filtered water. You won’t need any tools to stick it on, and the filter will be neatly tucked away in a metallic case that matches your sink.

This Washable & Hidden Cushion to Re-Fluff Your Sofa

Don’t even think about splurging on a new sofa because these cushioned and supportive panels will re-fluff the couch you already have. Spread it out right under your sofa cushions, and this MDF board-reinforced cushion will take care of any sagging. It’s anti-slip, so it won’t slide around under your cushions. Plus, it’s machine-washable if you spill something between the cushions.

This 2-Tier Lazy Susan That Makes Finding Ingredients Easier

If you struggle to find the right spices or sauces or medicing, this two-tier lazy Susan will be an organizational lifesaver. The stainless steel piece rotates 360 degrees, so you’ll always find the garlic powder or cumin when you need it. It has a 10.5-inch diameter too, so it can hold a ton of ingredients.

This Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser That Allows You to Buy in Bulk

Instead of always buying bottles of hand soap, buy one giant container in bulk and put that cheaper soap in this automatic soap dispenser. In addition to saving you on expensive soap, this sleek dispenser can be set to dispense five different amounts of soap, so you don’t have to use more than necessary.

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