It doesn’t matter how many people have recommended a product to me; the first place I always scroll to is the product reviews. They can make a world of difference when you’re shopping online, as they’ll tell you all the nitty-gritty details about the items. But if you don’t have time to read through all that customer feedback, that’s not a problem, because I’ve gathered 60 of the cheapest, coolest products on Amazon that have near-perfect reviews.

From collapsible camping lanterns to quirky fidget toys, you’ll find a little something for everybody down below. But if you want to see more, then you’ll just have to keep scrolling.

This Lightning Cable That You Can Clip Onto Your Bag

Refrigerator spills can quickly solidify, making it harder to clean them up — unless you have these

Sports equipment, groceries, camping gear — this

There’s nothing wrong with having pet hair on your floors — but if you’d like to keep it to a minimum, make sure to take a look at this

Razor bumps can cramp anyone’s style — but that’s where this depilatory

From grimy shower doors to rusted metal pipes, this

Keep this

There’s no need to drill into your walls in order to install this

Unlike that cardboard

Whether you want to draw on your car windows or doodle on rocks, these

Always losing stuff between the front seats in your car? Try filling up those gaps with these

Instead of polishing off that bottle of wine in one sitting, why not use this

Throwing your hats in the wash can leave them damaged and misshapen, making this

Letting your sneakers tumble in the dryer is unpleasantly loud, and can even damage your machine — but that’s where this

Cooking on dirty grill grates can leave your meals with unwanted flavors, which is why it’s always a good idea to have this

Got a knot in your back that you can’t quite reach? Try lying down on one of these

Slicing up a pineapple can be a bit of a pain — unless you have this

Shampoo, paint, ketchup — this

Running out of space in your kitchen? This

Place this

There’s no doubt in my mind that I waste a ton of money letting produce rot in my fridge; that’s why I’m a big fan of these

With space for up to 18 eggs, this

Parsley, cilantro, basil — this

Store your guacamole inside this

Not only are these

Whether you want to chop, dice, spiralize, or cut your produce into thick ribbons, this

Grout lines, shower tracks, window panes — these


Whether you’re weighing out meat or portioning out pasta, this

A streaky windshield can make it harder to drive, which is only part of the reason why this

Getting tired of eating the same meals every week? Give these

I have a

Trimming bushes, washing pets, handling harsh cleaning chemicals — this

Air poppers can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets, so why not downsize to this

Almost every home has that one corner that’s devolved into a mess of charging cables, which is only part of the reason why this

Pop your bed posts onto these

Whether you need somewhere to toss food scraps or paper waste, this

Yanking away at tangled hair can be incredibly painful — instead, let this

Whereas some

Not only does this

Getting bored with your usual morning cup of coffee? Then give this

If your desk doesn’t have enough space for a regular fan, this

Whether your tablet, phone, or laptop screen is dirty, this two-in-one cleaner can help you get it looking clean as new. Simply press the button on top to spritz the screen with cleanser, then give it a thorough wipe with the microfiber exterior. And since it’s small enough to fit in your pockets, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping it in your bag for daily touchups.

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