Get ready for the biggest sale of the summer. On July 11th and 12th, Amazon Prime Day will take place for two days. If this year’s sale resembles any previous year’s, prepare for jaw-dropping deals on smart home gadgets, fashion staples, and the best in tech. With discounts as high as 80% off, there are incredible sales to be had if you keep your eyes out. But you don’t have to wait till July to score some good deals — Amazon’s already started slashing prices on wildly popular products across every category, and our editors are scouring the site to surface the best and deepest discounts live now.

58% off this anti-fatigue mat for your kitchen or stand-up desk setup

This anti-fatigue mat from WISELIFE will help your circulation while you’re prepping dinner or getting the dishes washed. It’s made from PVC that won’t collect dust or dirt and serves as a quick and easy way to add a pop of color to your kitchen decor. Its nonslip backing will ensure it stays in place, so you don’t have to worry about slipping. It’s available in a wide variety of patterns and sizes to best fit your individual space.

63% off this cleaning kit for your earbuds

When AirPods and other wireless earbuds are resting in your ears all day and getting tossed around a tote bag, dirt and germs collect quickly. That’s why this cleaner kit is so genius. A pen-shaped tip covered in microfiber reaches the crevices of the tiny earbud holes to collect dust. The other end of the pen is a lightweight brush that can be used to clean the charging case. Additionally, small rubber pads remove earwax, and alcohol wipes provide further sanitization. The kit comes contained in a felt envelope for easy carrying.

60% off this set of plush, quick-drying bath mats

These popular bathroom rugs — which are designed with soft chenille and microfiber fabrics — are highly absorbent and quick-drying. They’re also backed with rubber for some extra grip, and two different sizes are included with the purchase: 24 by 27 inches and 30 by 20 inches. The duo is available in 14 colors.

60% off this cool mist humidifier that can cover 430 square feet

If you’re dealing with dry air, this one-gallon cool mist humidifier is just what you need to make your space more comfortable. It can cover up to 430 square feet and run continuously for up to 50 hours. There’s even a timer so you can have it shut off at the interval of your choosing, though there’s also an auto shutoff feature when the tank gets low. Choose from black or white units.

52% off this electric milk frother for cafe-quality drinks at home

Become an at-home barista with this electric milk frother, which will help you create fantastic lattes and matcha. It has an ergonomic handle for an easy grip, as well as a one-touch button that makes it simple to figure out. Some customers have also used it to beat eggs and blend ingredients. All you’ll need to get started are two AA batteries.

57% off this 12-pack of reusable silicone straws

Brighten up all of your drinks with this colorful set of silicone straws. Using silicone is an eco-friendly choice, and it couldn’t be easier to throw these in your purse or backpack while on the go. Great for the office, outdoor picnics, or weekend hikes, these reusable straws will help make sure you’re hydrated wherever you are. Each set comes with 12 straws and two brushes to clean them.

54% off this cult-fave foot peel mask for deep exfoliation

This foot peel mask is one of the most popular on Amazon, with 24,000+ ratings and counting. By simply wearing the plastic “socks” for an hour, you’ll get a deep exfoliating peel that leaves skin smooth, soft, and hydrated. Fans love how effective and easy to use this kit is, with one raving, “This product is a holy grail.”

49% off these TOZO wireless earbuds

These TOZO wireless earbuds are, simply put, a steal considering the quality they offer for the super-affordable price. Ergonomically designed, these earbuds are incredibly lightweight. Reviewers note how well they fit their ears, with one writing they “fit in my small ears comfortably” and another adding that they offer “a comfortable and secure fit that doesn’t protrude from your ears”. With an easy-to-navigate touch control system, these earbuds that sync via Bluetooth have bass-rich speakers and offer 22 hours of playtime with a full charge.

48% off this air purifier that gives real-time readings of the air quality in the room

This air purifier is great for rooms large and small alike; it can cleanse the air in a room up to 1,077 square feet in half an hour and works in smaller rooms in as little as 12 minutes. The medical-grade HEPA filters work to filter out over 99% of room pollutants including smoke, dust, dander, and other allergens. Unlike other air purifiers, this one has a handy light on top that lets you know your space’s air quality in real-time, a handy feature that helped this purifier gain a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.

47% off this cordless vacuum with a handheld detachment

This cordless vacuum works as both an upright stick vacuum, as well as a handheld vacuum, covering areas both big and small. It has six LED lights in front to help you locate dust and crumbs under couches, chairs, and beds. With its 180-degree rotation, handling the vacuum is a breeze. It’s also light enough to easily move up and down the stairs.

47% off this dryer vent cleaner

With this dryer vent cleaner kit, you’ll be able to remove years of lint build-up that’s been living in your vent — not only will this help your dryer run more safely, but it’ll also make it work better. The hose attachment fits most vacuums and has a 3.5-foot-long neck to access those hard-to-reach spots. “I could not believe all the lint this sucked up out of my dryer,” one reviewer shared. “I also used it under my refrigerator and hard-to-reach areas.”

46% off this best-selling 2-pack of satin pillowcases

Pillowcases can make all the difference when it comes to a good night of sleep. These satin pillowcases feel as smooth as silk and have an envelope closure to help make sure they stay on all night long. They don’t wrinkle easily, and can even help pamper your skin and hair. You can buy them in 37 gorgeous colors and five sizes, including a case that’ll fit your favorite body pillow.

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