Now that video-on-demand has imbued us with the power to scare ourselves at any hour of the day, people are taking full advantage of the opportunity.

In October, global viewership of horror movies jumps by 50 percent on average, according to aggregated Netflix data from 2014-2017, provide to Inverse. Horror has certainly infected our minds, our dreams, and our screens.

The Rise of Horror Movies

Horror movies haven’t always capture so much of our attention (or nightmares). As the movie industry has exploded from making 4,000 feature films a year in 2000 to about 12,600 in 2016, the world has developed an appetite for horror. Since 1997, the genre has creeped up from representing 4.3 percent to 12.4 percent of movies made globally, knocking down romance and crime movies, according to industry analyst Stephen Follows.

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