When people started dropping six figure sums on so-called CryptoKitties — basically virtual kitties built on Ethereum — people took it as a sign that maybe this whole crypto bubble was getting out of hand. But it increasingly looks like these CryptoKitties aren’t going anywhere.

That’s because Dapper Labs, the startup behind the Ethereum-based, cat collectible game received sizable investments Thursday from big-name tech venture capitalist firms. Indeed, Venrock, Samsung Next, and GV all poured $15 million into the blockchain project. This news follows a previous funding round in March that netted Dapper Labs $12 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. As it stands, CyrptoKitties has raised roughly $27.9 million in venture capital. If this CryptoKitty thing is supposed to be a joke or a scam, it’s a joke or scam that’s fooled some of the smartest minds in tech.

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