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Update: The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has officially issued a recall on 3,878 of Tesla’s Cybertrucks. Tesla will have to fix or replace the accelerator pedal cover that could slip off and get stuck in the EV’s interior trim. Cybertruck owners should expect a notification in the mail in June.

Cybertruck stumbles are starting to pile up. This time around, Tesla has to deal with a potentially dangerous issue where the accelerator pedal cover can slip off.

It may sound minor, but the loose pedal cover can wedge into the Cybertruck’s interior, causing the EV to accelerate at full speed.

Tesla recently paused deliveries of its Cybertruck and notified its customers, but has not given any explanation as to why. Still, this accelerator pad cover doesn’t help with the Cybertruck’s image, which has already seen some issues with quality control when it comes to its extra sharp frunk and rusting issues.

A Scary Situation

As seen in the TikTok video, there’s potential for your accelerator pedal cover to slip off and get stuck in the Cybertruck’s interior. Unlike other Tesla models, the Cybertruck’s accelerator is floor-mounted, meaning a jammed pedal cover will cause it to be stuck picking up more speed. As dangerous as that sounds, if you hit the brakes, it overrides the accelerator. However, once you let off the brakes, the Cybertruck’s jammed pedal will continue to accelerate until you dislodge the cover.

According to Drive Tesla, Tesla has put a hold on its Cybertruck deliveries while it works on a replacement cover. Many Cybertruck customers received a message that informed them of an “unexpected delay” that would cancel the delivery appointment. While Tesla hasn’t officially confirmed any connection, Drive Tesla says the pedal cover issue is responsible for the pause in deliveries. Drive Tesla also says that Tesla is working on an improved pedal cover, but that Cybertruck owners will have to go to Service Centers to get them replaced, which is another headache.

A Potential Production Setback

According to Drive Tesla, Cybertruck deliveries will be paused until at least April 20. While this pedal cover issue could prove dangerous, it doesn’t seem like a hard fix for Tesla. However, it does seem like a glaring oversight that should have been discovered before its initial deliveries back in November.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk previously said during an earnings call that the company will take a while to ramp up to 125,000 Cybertruck produced in a year, but eventually wants to bump it up to 250,000 per year. However, we’re not so confident in those numbers after this pause in deliveries and anything else that might come up and throw a wrench into the production timeline. Still, it’s not as bad as some other EV recalls we’ve seen.

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