Taika Waititi is Disney’s franchise wunderkind, bouncing from Pixar (Lightyear), Marvel (, and a television series based on Time Bandits.

On May 1, Deadline reported on yet another Waititi project, an adaptation of the novel Klara and the Sun. The article mentioned his upcoming Star Wars movie, claiming “insiders say he is still excited about the project and committed to direct that next year.”

It seemed like Waititi was going to become a Guillermo Del Toro-like figure, picking up projects left and right but often seeing them fall through. But this surprising update — and the possibility of his movie filming as soon as next year — is a hopeful sign. Considering every other upcoming Star Wars movie is also in early development, there’s a chance this could actually be the next Star Wars movie we see. Waititi may be a busy man, but the allure of Star Wars may just be enough to see this through to the end.

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