The direct to consumer is good for your allergies, good for the environment, and you can save Buffy turned down feathers and went all in on plant-based fibers, which they claim are hypoallergenic, resistant to mites and microbes, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Better yet, they offer a risk free 30-day trial.

doesn’t feel like anything you’ve slept under before: the weight and texture are different than down and the many down alternatives out there. Buffy uses the word “fluffy” a lot, which is very apropos, and a very different feeling than “lofty.” The real measure of a comforter is its heaviness to how likely it is to overheat you ratio, and the Buffy scores extremely well on this metric. I overheat extremely easily, and had no issues with the Buffy in a room between 70-75 degrees.

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