If you work from home like I do, and you know home is a loose term to refer to the 3 or 4 different coffee shops you cycle through to get some semblance of coworking, you know that music often enhances focus in public and private spaces. In public spaces, though, unless you’re certain that everyone in the room loves your favorite playlist, you know that it’s most socially acceptable to use headphones.

If you’re like me, you stole your partner’s headphones as a means to upgrade your shorted headphones, and within a week, I had already lost the silicone cover for one of the ear buds. After being alive for a couple decades, I know this is pretty relatable content. I know that I am not the anomaly in headphone struggles. So wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you do, I’m rather confident that you are in need of a new pair of headphones. Start here with these sweet sales.

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