I frequently order phone chargers and other practical products on Amazon, but sometimes I stumble across things that remind me that Amazon is also full of seriously chic and cool household products. You can find cheap yet trendy and impactful home upgrades that are usually a huge expense.

There’s no need to wait around and save up for massive home updates or decor. Instead, I gathered a ton of cheap upgrades that will make your space look seriously expensive — right away.

This Highly-Rated Storage Rail to Tidy Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

This wall-mounted

Pulling out these cloth

A stack of


This ceramic

This stick-on marble-finish

These apothecary

This minimalist

Having a spot to display your wine glasses with this unique

This laundry

Keeping this bamboo

This set of

These ceramic

These adhesive LED

You won’t mind how long your post-shower or skincare routine takes if you’re standing on this super soft and thick memory foam

Not only does this

These fade-resistant


Not only will these highly-rated highball

A wooden

These soap and shampoo

There are so many sleek details with this

Having a specific spot for hair tools (that isn’t scattering them all over your countertop) feels like such a luxury. Fortunately, this


This brass

If you can’t stand bulky blackout curtains, these chic

Classic kitchen hand towels can look a little worn and messy, but this pack of 100% cotton

You won’t need super expensive built-ins in your closet if you simply hang up these pant

This stain-resistant accent

This essential oil

This mattress pad

These drinking

This high-pressure

Instead of letting your throw pillows blend right in with your sofa or your duvet cover, stick them in these luxe velvet-finish throw

These stainless steel

These vintage-style

This fluffy

Pop all of your go-to skincare bottles or your chicest candle on this glossy metal-tone

This textured

This decanter


With this two-tier

This bamboo

Swapping out hangers for anything other than plastic or fabric-ruining metal might seem expensive, but this huge pack of chic hangers is actually budget-friendly. They come with a non-slip velvet finish, so they’re gentle enough to hang all of your pieces on them. Their slim design also holds up to 10 pounds, so you won’t break any of your new expensive-looking hangers.

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