When Amazon reviewers love something, they like to share their experience with it. There is nothing more reassuring, especially when considering which kitchen appliance or tech gear to buy, than someone offering up their experience — along with a shining five stars. When those five-star ratings are available in the hundreds or thousands, it’s that much more encouraging.

I pored over a lot of success stories and, as unique as some of them might be, came up with a load of clever things with so many five-star ratings, Amazon can barely keep them in stock.

This big mesh pocket to organize your car

If using two forks to pull cooked chicken, pork, or beef apart for your tacos or sandwiches is a struggle, upgrade your tools to these

Craft yourself a new daily workout with these

Strap this clever

Ever climbed out of the ocean (or the gym) and wished you’d brought a towel? Keep one of these

Attach this clever


Getting bread, pizza, and even a large piece of meat into the oven, onto the grill, or out of the heat for serving can be very difficult without a big pizza peel. But those are hard to store. This

When frying food on the stove, set this

When you are headed into a repair, assembly, or DIY project, first strap on this

Turn that chaotic junk drawer full of mystery batteries into an orderly collection with this

Having problems lighting the dark corners of your kitchen, a closet with no power, or a shelf display area? These three


When you want to wear skinny jeans without presenting a huge wallet bulge, switch to this minimalist

When the pockets on your favorite backpack are too slender for your big water bottle, pull out this skinny

Organize your cooking area while making it so much easier to put away your tools by setting this stainless steel

If you make a practice of packing your lunch, this kit makes that job a lot easier. The

These two tiny

Quickly make your home safer and easier to traverse by plugging these

Update your salt and pepper shakers with these

It’s so easy — and affordable — to install these

This bright

This slender

If those tiny trash containers that fit in a cup holder have no chance of handling what happens in your car, this big, strap-down


Screen doors are superb if you want to keep the bugs out and let breezes in — but they can fail you if you want to easily come and go with trays of snacks, or if pets and small children need to enter and exit. But this

If you have a closet — or corner of the garage — that has been overrun with long-handled tools like brooms and rakes, this five-slot

If you waste too much time digging through your sock and underwear drawer looking for what you want, drop this four-pack of

Hook this

Setting up a kitchen with good knives can be a costly undertaking. Not with this

If you are baking, controlling portions, or otherwise need to know what foods weigh, accuracy is important. But so are space and ease of use. And this slender and affordable

This highly absorbent, reversible

Once you own a good can opener, you will never go back to the flimsy, irritating ones that make you fight with every can. This classic,

If you want to put delicate items — shoes, scarves, baby clothes, lingerie — into the washing machine, zip them into one of these honeycomb

Instead of hiding things like cotton swabs, flossers, and Epsom salt in drawers, set these

Hang more clothes more easily by bringing this big box of 50

Set this

When you have a sizable collection of food storage containers, finding the right lid for each one can be a time-consuming and irritating proposition. But this

When you are organizing a closet or shelving unit, it’s easy to drop a small fortune on baskets and storage bins to create order. But this collection of six collapsible

If you have been struggling with spoons, spatulas, and other not-right-for-the-task tools to mash and stir meat, potatoes, and batters, you will love this tool that’s designed to do exactly that. The pinwheel shape of this meat masher makes fast work of mashed potatoes, turns ground beef into tiny bits quickly, and more.

“I like chopping up my hamburger when making homemade chili, and it’s getting harder to do that with a spatula,” said one reviewer.

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