When a product is life-changing, you might measure time by “before I got it” and “after I got it”. This is obviously true for civilizations when it comes to things like cars and electricity but, in a smaller way, it can be true of things like electric can openers and blackout curtains.

Before the blackout curtains, for example, you might have been unable to nap — and were probably paying too much money to heat and cool your home. Now, you can sleep during the day and have some help saving on those electricity bills. This list has 50 clever things on Amazon of this nature that are selling quickly — and that tons of reviewers say they wish they’d known about sooner. Get in here! Don’t waste any more time doing things the hard way.

This portable charger with a fun paw print indicator

Put some handy shelves right where you need them — in the closet — without doing any construction. Just hang this five-shelf

If you have a dark closet or the space under your kitchen cabinets is too dim, stick (or screw) one of these three battery-powered LED

Slip this slender and efficient

If you sip your hard seltzer or beer from a slim 12-ounce can, this is the can cooler you want for keeping that beverage cold for hours. Just slide the can in and forget about the weather or the fear of encountering warm seltzer on the last sip. This colorful insulated

When you are winding up to hammer some meat, you don’t want a feeble tool. You want this serious, heavy, and nice-looking

Take these LED

These nonstick

When you want some comfy over-ear

If you are going to use a mouse, make it one that looks good on your desk, connects wirelessly (via a 2.4G USB receiver so there are no lags), and feels good in your hand. This noiseless

If the idea of an

Set dishes, glasses, and pans on this super absorbent, microfiber

Want to be able to glance at your phone in the night or while you work to see the time or notifications? Set it on this


You can stop guessing about the doneness of your steaks, burgers, and roast meats. Flip open the probe of this

What is that lighter port in your car doing to make your life better? Anything? Plug this

These strange


Put away the bulky old oven mitts that made you clumsy and were so hard to wash. These silicone

When you pack a suitcase, pack your clothes and sundries into this set of

Keep your fresh herbs fresh much longer by giving them what they need while they are in the fridge. This

How do you get a loaf of bread out of the oven? How do you get a pizza onto a hot grill? This

Whether you want to whip up a sauce or make a big salad, there is a bowl in this set of stainless steel

When the room is hot and sunny and your body craves cool and dark, pull closed these

There’s a certain finesse to learning how to use this professional-level

With three heat levels and ion technology, this

Before you destroy the expensive interior of your car with the pressure, spills, and crumbs that will result from putting a child’s car seat there, put this

Take your sneakers from scuffed and dirty to clean and spiffy quickly with these clever

Just because you enjoy sipping your coffee or tea from a real mug does not mean that you have to accept that your hot beverage will get cold before you are done with it. Set that mug on this

If you set your laptop on this sleek, aluminum


Drop this compact and clever

Save the paper baking cups for the bake sale and use these

Set this clever

Make sure you always have a handy way to get your groceries home without grabbing a plastic or paper bag — just stash these

Next time you cook a pizza at home, use this


Plug this

Save some steps when you make your morning smoothie by blending it in this personal blender that has a to-go cup as the blending jar. Just toss in your fruit and other ingredients, push the button, and take the jar of pulverized yumminess with you. It even has a travel lid. And the jar and lid can go in the dishwasher for cleanup.

Reviewer: “It chops ice up just like a bartender does — quick and easy. It cleans up nice and I like how I can drink directly from the container. I wish I had found out about this thing sooner!”

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