Upgrading your home can be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re looking to hire a professional to do the work for you. But if you’re trying to stick to a budget or simply don’t have the funds for a new backsplash, not a problem: There are tons of inexpensive home upgrades out there that won’t break the bank, and I’ve even compiled the best ones into a list for you to check out below.

From stylish floating shelves to modern outlet covers, these upgrades are so clever you’ll wish they were invented sooner. And since many of them are incredibly easy to install, you shouldn’t have any trouble giving your home a gorgeous makeover within the span of an afternoon. So what are you waiting for? The peel-and-stick backsplash I’ve included isn’t going to be around forever — especially considering how reasonable the price is. Keep scrolling for more.

The broom holder that’s surprisingly versatile

Not only is this broom holder an easy way to tidy up your utility closet, but it’s also sturdy enough to hold gardening tools, sports equipment, and more. Rubber grips inside of each slot help keep your tools from sliding downwards, while hooks in between the slots give you tons of room to hang everything from dusters to gloves. Plus, the tough frame has a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds.

These Swedish dishcloths that can help you save money

Whereas paper towels are incredibly wasteful, these Swedish dishcloths can be washed and reused as many times as you like, making them a money-saving upgrade. The best part? They’re made from a cotton-cellulose blend, making them soft enough to use on delicate cookware, yet tough enough to scrub away grime.

The oil dispensers that shouldn’t drip on your surfaces

Unlike the plastic bottle your oil probably came in, these sleek dispensers feature drip-free tops to help keep your surfaces clean. Each bottle has a stainless steel pour spout for mess-free bottle filling, and the set also comes with eight waterproof labels and a pen to help you keep track of your cooking oils.

A soap dispenser that’s completely touch-free

With its touch-free design that keeps your hands clear from a grimy pump, this soap dispenser is an undeniable upgrade to the plastic bottle you’ve probably been using. It can hold enough soap for up to 1,400 uses — and you can even adjust how much soap it squirts out by up to five levels. Plus, the water-resistant base helps protect the batteries from corrosion.

This stylish glass pitcher with thousands of positive reviews

Tea, juice, cold brew — this pitcher is a sleek way to serve all sorts of drinks. It’s made from thick soda lime glass, making it tough enough to withstand daily use. The silicone seal inside of the lid also helps keep it from leaking, and even works to keep everything inside fresh. “The glass is thick, the top is sturdy and seals well,” wrote one reviewer. “It is also easy to clean with the wide mouth which is important to me.”

A wine opener shaped like a spooky bat

Consider this bat-shaped wine opener a fun addition to any kitchen or bar. The fangs in the mouth can also be used to pop open beer bottles — and if you’re in need of a fun white elephant gift, it’s almost guaranteed to get people talking. Many reviewers confirmed that it worked great as a “conversation piece,” with even more raving about how it’s “super cute.”

The paper towel holder that takes up hardly any space

Don’t have a ton of counter space to work with? Then this paper towel holder is definitely worth a look. It mounts underneath your cabinets using either screws or double-sided adhesive (both of which come included). And since it’s made from tough stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about it developing rust over time.

A container that makes it easy to separate fat

Whether you’re making gravy or chicken noodle soup, this container can help separate the fat so that your foods don’t come out with a slick layer of grease floating on top. The lid is leak-resistant, helping keep you safe from accidental spills — and you can easily toss it into the dishwasher for a quick clean once you’re done with it.

This chime that lets you know when someone opens a window

Whether you’re looking for affordable home security or ways to keep your kids from sneaking out, this door chime is worth a look. Simply mount it on your door or window frame using the included adhesive, and it’ll let out a loud chime whenever it opens. It also comes pre-loaded with 52 different chimes — or enough for you to switch things up every week of the year.

These floating shelves that come in 6 stylish finishes

Got a blank wall that you aren’t sure what to do with? These floating shelves are an easy way to fill the void, as they’re great for displaying pictures, knick-knacks, and more. You can also arrange multiple sets together to cover even more space — and with six finishes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your home: espresso, grey, rustic white, turquoise, walnut, or white.

A bright lamp that mimics the sun’s rays for daylight indoors

This therapy lamp has a powerful LED bulb that simulates actual sunlight, providing you with 10,000 lux without relying on harsh UV rays. And since the bulb has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, there’s a good chance you won’t have to replace it for a while. It even has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

This charging station that helps minimize clutter

Every home has that one corner that’s become a jumbled mess of charging cables and devices, so why not tidy it up with this charging station? There’s enough space for it to hold up to six devices, and you even get six shortened cables to help keep it looking neat: three lightning, as well as three micro-USB.

A bib that helps keep your sink clear from beard trimmings

Tired of cleaning beard trimmings out of your sink? Then this bib is definitely worth a look. Suction cups at the end make it easy to attach it to your mirror, allowing it to catch any stray bits of hair as they fall downwards. Plus, the silky-smooth material lets hair effortlessly slide away when it’s time to empty it out.

The mirror that won’t fog up inside the shower

Not only is this mirror made with an anti-fog coating to help it stay clear inside the shower, but it also features a powerful suction cup on the back, making it easy to mount onto nearly any smooth surface. The best part? There’s also a ledge on the bottom where you can hang a razor for safekeeping.

An adjustable arm that lets you customize your shower

Add this adjustable extension arm to your shower head, and you’ll be able to angle it into any position you like. It works particularly well with rainfall heads — and the lock collar ensures that it doesn’t shift out of position while water is coursing through. “More water flow, no drips, and installation with the provider’s suggestions were easy and fast,” wrote one reviewer. “Our shower is now definitely more enjoyable.”

These soft bed sheets that are infused with aloe vera

If your skin leans towards the dry side, swapping out your bed sheets with these ones might help. Not only are they made from soft microfiber, but they’re also infused with moisturizing aloe vera that can help hydrate skin. Plus, the extra-deep fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches tall.

A diffuser with a stylish faux wood grain

Whereas some diffusers have a so-so plastic exterior, this one is covered with a stylish faux wood grain that’s sure to look good wherever you put it. The water tank is also large enough to produce up to 13 hours of soothing mist — all while seven different LED colors make it easy to set a relaxing mood. You also have the choice of two faux wood tones: dark or light.

This pet hair roller that you can use over & over again

Vacuums do an alright job when it comes to sucking pet hair off your furniture — but with more than 100,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this roller is a high-effective upgrade. Hundreds of tiny bristles latch onto hair, depositing them into the attached dustbin until you’re ready to empty it out. It won’t snag on fabric, nor does it require any batteries to use.

A subtle box that hides unsightly cable clutter

Cable clutter behind televisions and computers can sometimes be unavoidable, making this box a must-have if you’re looking for easy ways to keep it hidden from sight. Multiple slots in the back allow you to thread wires through — and the inside is large enough to fit everything from thick HDMI cords to bulky power strips. Choose from two colors: black or white.

These chair leg covers that help protect floors from scratches

Sliding bare chair legs across your hardwood is an easy way to wind up with scratches, so why not cap them with these covers? They stretch to fit overtop your legs, so there’s no need for any nails or glue in order to put them on. And since the bottoms are made from cork, they also produce hardly any noise as they slide across the floor.

A draft stopper that can help reduce your utility bill

Not only is this draft stopper an easy way to help insulate your home against the weather outside, but it can also help reduce noise, as well as block light. It’s designed to fit most doors, though you can also trim it to fit as needed — and the adhesive backing lets you easily press it right into place without any tools required. Choose from four colors: white, gray, black, or brown.

This mount that makes it easy to read your tablet hands-free

Add this mount underneath your kitchen cabinets, and it’ll make it easier to watch videos or read recipes off your tablet when cooking. It’s made from sleek aluminum, with a folding body to keep it out of your way when you aren’t using it — and the versatile clamp is designed to fit most tablets. Choose from two finishes: black or white.

An easy-to-set-up gadget that helps boosts weak Wi-Fi signals

If your Wi-Fi is spotty in parts of your home, this signal booster may be able to help. It helps strengthen your signal so that it can cover an extra 1,200 square feet, making it great for apartments as well as larger homes — and setting it up only requires a few simple taps on the WPS button. “I’m amazed at how well this works,” wrote one reviewer. “I didn’t have any dropped calls like I usually do in my zoom call and now I can upload content so much faster.”

The nonstick pan that adds a crispy edge to every brownie

The best part of every brownie is the deliciously crispy edge, which is why this pan is a total game-changer. Raised squares throughout the middle ensure that each brownie has a chewy edge, while the non-stick surface makes it easy to pop them out without any breakage. Many reviewers also appreciated how it’s “easy to clean.”

These salt & pepper grinders that do the work for you

Whether you’re looking to save time in the kitchen or have limited mobility in your hands, these salt and pepper grinders are a smart pick. The button on the side allows for one-handed use, and you can even adjust the coarseness up to three levels. And if you don’t need a new set of grinders? They’re also versatile enough to use with red pepper flakes, coriander, allspice, and more.

A stylish backsplash that’s so, so easy to install

If your home didn’t come with a backsplash, this peel-and-stick option is incredibly easy to install. Simply peel away the adhesive backing, then press it right into place like you would with a giant sticker — it’s that easy. And since the surface is resistant to humidity, there’s no need to worry about it breaking down over time. Choose from three colors: gray, yellow/brown, blue, brown, or white/grey.

This nonstick pan that lets you cook 3 ingredients at the same time

Since this pan is divided into three sections, you can easily cook eggs, bacon, and sausage all at the same time — no need to dirty up more than one pan. The best part? Its granite surface is also nonstick, yet doesn’t rely on any harsh PFOAs in order to keep your ingredients from gluing themselves down.

An outlet cover with a handy shelf built into the top

Smart speakers, electric toothbrushes, phones — this outlet shelf is the perfect place to keep all of them and more. Installation is as easy as swapping out your old outlet plate, which means the only tool you’ll likely need is a screwdriver. And with a weight limit of up to 10 pounds, there’s no need to worry about it ripping out of the wall.

The toothbrush holder that can hold all sorts of toiletries

Not only does this toothbrush holder have enough space for up to six brushes, but it also features a pull-out drawer and upper ledge where you can stash skincare bottles, brushes, and more. The paper cup dispensers on the bottom are protected, helping keep your cups clean from dust — and the included adhesive is so strong that it can easily support up to 11 pounds.

A soothing projector that casts a starry night sky onto your ceiling

Setting a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom is as easy as turning on this projector. It casts a starry night sky onto your ceiling, with soothing blue nebulas and auroras that can help ease even the most anxious minds. Or, if you’re hosting a movie night for your friends, it’s also a fun way to add some oomph to your home theater system.

This toilet paper holder with a helpful shelf on top

The shelf on top of this toilet paper holder is the perfect spot to rest your phone while you’re in the shower, or even stash a spare roll for when the current one runs out. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel — not plastic — and each order includes a set of screws as well as an adhesive for easy installation. Choose from three finishes: black, silver, or beige.

A smart security camera that won’t break the bank

Don’t be fooled by its more-than-reasonable price — this smart camera still comes with a ton of features, including, night vision, real-time motion/sound detection, voice controls (when paired with Alexa or Google Home), and more. It can also save recorded video for up to 30 days, and you can even set it up so that it sends notifications to your phone whenever it detects someone in your home.

These garage magnets that can help improve your home’s curb appeal

There’s nothing wrong with a plain garage door, but if you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Try adding these magnets. They’re made from tough ABS plastic, with a rust-iron finish that makes them look incredibly real — even up close. An RSF coating helps keep them looking good in inclement weather, and many reviewers wrote about how the magnets on the back are “strong.”

This LED light bar is almost too easy to install

There’s no complicated wiring required when you’re setting up this LED light bar, as each order includes a set of screws as well as double-sided adhesive. It only needs two AA batteries (which are not included) to provide up to 52 hours of light — and since the LED bulb has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever need to switch it out.

An adapter that lets you stream music from your phone through your stereo speakers

If your stereo speakers don’t have Bluetooth, you can use this adapter to stream music wirelessly from your phone or tablet. It has a wireless range of up to 50 feet, which means you don’t have to be glued by its side in order for it to work — and each order comes with one RCA audio cable included. “Bought this product so I could listen to music from my phone on older home stereo system […],” wrote one reviewer. “Was very impressed that it included everything I needed to connect to my home stereo and be up and running in a matter of a few minutes.”

The LED lamp that helps you find your keyhole in the dark

Install this LED lamp above your keyhole, and it’ll automatically turn on when it senses motion, making it easy to open locked doors in the dark. Installation is as easy as pressing it into place using the double-sided adhesive that comes with every order — and it only needs one AA battery (which is not included) in order to provide hours’ worth of light.

A collapsible container that’s specially designed for pizza slices

Instead of shoving that bulky pizza box into the fridge, why not save some space by transferring your slices into this container? It’s made from food-grade silicone and compresses to a fraction of its size to save space when you aren’t using it. Each order also includes a five-pack of divider trays to keep your slices separated. Plus, it’s large enough to fit slices from pies up to 18 inches.

This toilet brush with a flexible head that reaches deep into crevices

Unlike the toilet brush you’ve probably been using, this one is made with a flexible silicone head that allows it to reach deep into crevices, helping you give your toilet an extra-thorough scrub. Larger bristles make it easier to rinse clean when dirty, and the slim caddy easily fits into the tight space around your toilet.

A rechargeable light bulb that provides hours of light

When fully charged, this light bulb can stay lit for up to 16 hours, making it a smart addition to any emergency preparedness kit or camping trip. The carabiner hook makes it easy to attach to your belt loops, a workbench, or even hang from the top of your tent — and each order even comes with a remote that works from up to 20 feet away.

The pot & pan organizer that can fit cookware of nearly any size

Since the rungs on this pot and pan organizer are adjustable, you can easily configure them to accommodate cookware of nearly any shape or size. You also have the choice of three orientations: double-sided upright, single upright, as well as horizontal. And since it’s made from sturdy cast iron, it’s highly unlikely that heavier pieces will cause it to warp.

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