Sometimes, the football gods are stingy, such as this past Thursday night’s pillow fight game between the woeful Raiders and the hapless 49ers. And then sometimes the pigskin deities are benevolent, loving gods who give us games like this one. We got us a slobber-knocker, folks.

Last week, the football gods gave us Packers vs. Rams, which mostly lived up to the hype, except when Ty Montgomery’s selfishness robbed us of the chance to watch Aaron Rodgers try and put on his cape to deliver yet another miraculous comeback at the end of the game.

The good news? The Rams emerged with their perfect 8-0 record intact. They now head cross-country to the Big Easy for a game that will likely prove anything but. This game will almost certainly have playoff implications, as these are the two best teams in the NFC and the winner could very well secure home-field advantage in a potential rematch in the conference championship game.

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