Google’s annual hardware launch introduced the company’s new flagship Pixel 3 smartphones. Even though this could be considered one of the most heavily leaked handset launches in recent memory, the artificial intelligence capabilities that power the 3 and 3 XL made up for the lack of mystique.

Thanks to Duplex, the Pixel 3 comes equipped with a tool belt of A.I. capabilities that eclipses what’s built into Apple’s iPhones. It will streamline your emails, thwart spammers, and introduces some incredible improvements to device’s camera. For a hardware announcement, software and Google’s competitive advantage in A.I. was everywhere.

“Our deep investment in A.I. is at the core of our ability to push forward in many areas at once and you’re going to see this in a lot of our products today,” said Rick Osterloh, the company’s SVP of hardware, in his introduction. “When we think of artificial intelligence in a consumer hardware context, it isn’t artificial at all. It’s helping you get real things done every day.”

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