Yellowstone National Park is home to more geysers than any region on Earth. Its most famous, Old Faithful, is named for the fact it erupts more frequently than any of the others. Less prolific ones, like Ear Springs, don’t erupt as often, which means that they spend more time accumulating material to spit up. And it’s not all water: As a new video shows, when Ear Springs erupted for the first time since 1957 this September, the reluctant geyser showered the park with a spray of trash.

Geysers are hot springs in which water occasionally boils, sending a burst of water and steam into the air. When Ear Springs boiled over on September 15, water shot up 30 feet high, causing the spring itself to momentarily empty. But in the aftermath, there wasn’t just water everywhere but also garbage, both new and decades old. In the video above, released on October 31, Yellowstone park staff reveal that some of the junk goes all the way back to the 1930s.

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