Maintaining your home is probably the last thing you want to do after a long day of work. (Personally, all I want to do is chill on the couch and watch television.) However, keeping your home nice doesn’t have to require effort — especially when you’re utilizing the clever products on this list.

From drawer dividers to drywall repair kits, I’ve made sure that all of these items make it easy to keep your home looking great. Scroll for more.

The Furniture Pads That Help Prevent Scratches

Your furniture doesn’t have to scrape along your floors — just cap the legs with these pads. They’re made from soft felt that lets your furniture glide across hard floors without the risk of leaving behind scratches, and you can even trim them to fit smaller legs as needed. Each order also includes two colors: brown and beige.

These Grippers That Help Your Rugs Lie Flat

It’s almost too easy to trip on a curled rug, so why not secure them down flat with these grippers? They’re made with a reusable sticky gel that you can peel away and re-apply multiple times — and the patented V-shape won’t twist or turn as some straight pieces can do.

A Duster That Stretches To Reach Tall Ceiling Fans

With its telescopic handle that can extend out from 27 to 47 inches, this duster makes it so much easier to clean those dirty fan blades. And if your fan is already clean? You can also use it to clean shelves, as well as high-up light fixtures. The microfiber head won’t release dust until you’re ready to shake it out — and you can even toss it into the wash for an easy clean.

The Fridge Bins That Can Help Reduce Food Waste

It’s easy to lose ingredients inside a messy fridge, so why not use these bins to get organized? They’re made from clear, BPA-free plastic, making it easy to see what’s inside without having to pull each one out. The best part? Each order includes a bin specifically made to hold eggs, as well as a bin that can hold up to nine standard soda cans.

A Lazy Susan That Helps You Reach Items In The Back Of Your Cabinet

Keep this lazy Susan in one of your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll be able to easily reach any items stashed in the back with a gentle spin. Dividers in the center help your items stay organized, while clear plastic walls help you see where everything is. Plus, the ball bearings are made from tough steel, adding durability.

These Attachments That Turn Your Hand Drill Into A Powerful Scrubber

Stubborn grime refusing to wash away? Try popping one of these scrubber attachments into your hand drill. The bristles are made from stiff nylon, making it easy to get rid of tough dirt without scratching your surfaces. And while a hand drill isn’t included, you do get a variety of scouring pads that can be used to clean cast iron, stovetops, and everything in between.

The Cloth That Leaves Glass Looking Squeaky-Clean

There’s no need for any cleanser when you’re cleaning glass with this cloth — just get it wet with water, and it’ll deliver a streak-free shine every time. It’s also durable enough to last through thousands of washes, so there’s no need to purchase a new one once it gets too dirty to use.

A Broom Holder That’s Surprisingly Versatile

If your utility closet has become a jumbled mess of brooms and mops, this organizer can help get it looking neat and tidy. Not only does it feature three grippy clamps for long handles, but there are also four hooks where you can hang scrubbers, dustpans, and more. And if your utility closet already looks good? You can also use it to store sports and gardening equipment in your garage, as it can hold up to 50 pounds with ease.

The Compact Dehumidifier That Works In Large Spaces

Whether your bedroom or bathroom is feeling a little damp, this dehumidifier can help dry out the air so that you can breathe easier. Despite its compact design, it’s effective in spaces up to 225 square feet in size — and the ultra-quiet motor won’t disrupt your sleep if you decide to use it overnight.

These Mop Pads That You Can Wash & Reuse

Not only are these mop pads reusable, but they’re also made from soft microfiber that glides across your floors, washing away dirt and picking up dust as they go. They work just as well wet as they do dry — and they’re designed to fit any spray mop head between 10 and 12 inches in size.

A Pillow Protector Made From Soft, Breathable Bamboo

Your pillow acts like a giant sponge while you sleep on it, so why not help prevent it from absorbing sweat, drool, and more with this protective cover? It’s made from woven bamboo fibers, making it just as soft as it is breathable — and the zipper closure helps keep your pillow from wiggling its way out.

The Stain Remover That Works On Red Wine

Red wine, ketchup, deodorant marks — this spray is so powerful that you can use it on nearly any type of stain. The biodegradable formula is suitable for use on most fabrics, as it’s made without any peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates. Just spray, blot, and rinse, then watch as those stains disappear before your very eyes.

A Drywall Repair Kit That’s Easy To Use

You don’t have to be an experienced DIYer to repair drywall holes using this kit. It’s designed to work with holes up to 3 inches in diameter and comes with all the tools you need to make a seamless patch. The best part? The spackling compound won’t shrink, crack, or sag over time.

This Moldable Glue That Bonds To Nearly Anything

Glass, wood, brick, ceramic — this moldable glue can bond to nearly any surface, making it perfect for all sorts of DIY repairs. It’s also waterproof, durable, as well as resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Or, if you don’t have anything to repair, you can even use it to mount lightweight items (like headphones) to your wall.

A Hanging Organizer With Space For 10 Pairs Of Shoes

Don’t have enough floor space in your closet for a shoe rack? Not a problem — this hanging organizer has space for up to 10 pairs of shoes, making it perfect for cramped closets. Small pockets on the side give you extra space to stash socks, scarves, belts, and more. Plus, the sturdy metal frame won’t easily warp under heavy loads.

The Dividers That Help You Organize Messy Drawers

From kitchen utensils to underwear, these dividers are great for organizing drawers in every room of your home. They expand out from 17 to 22 inches and feature rubber grips on both ends to help keep them firmly in place. Choose from three finishes: white, grey, or natural bamboo.

These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths That Can Help You Save Money

Instead of wasting money on paper towels, why not upgrade to these Swedish dishcloths? They’re reusable through thousands of washes, and have a lightly gritty texture when dry that’s tough on grime, yet gentle on nonstick cookware. And since they’re also odor-resistant, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted smells if you accidentally leave them sitting in the bottom of your sink.

A Liner That Lets You Place Small Items On Wire Shelves

Small items can easily fall through the gaps on wire shelves, so why not place this liner down? It’s made from tough polypropylene, with pre-cut corners that allow for a seamless fit. And since it’s delivered flat, you won’t have to weigh it down in order for it to get rid of any curve.

The Double-Sided Hook That Come In 3 Shades

Not only does this double-sided hook come in three finishes (matte black, chrome, and gold), but the corrosion-resistant design means you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating in humid bathrooms. Or, if you don’t need another place to hang towels, you can also use it to store hats, purses, and more in your entryway.

These Smart Bulbs That Have A Lifetime Of Up To 20,000 Hours

Not only do these LED smart bulbs have a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours, but you can also set them to more than 15 million different colors when setting the mood. Connect them with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll also be able to control them using voice commands — all without getting up from the couch. And if you don’t have a smart assistant? You can still adjust their brightness and color, or even put them on schedules using the free downloadable smartphone app.

The Coasters That Look Just Like White Marble

With their scratch- and slip-resistant cork bases, you won’t have to worry about these coasters leaving marks on your coffee table. The best part? The tops are made from sleek ceramic but have been printed to look just like white marble — even up close. Choose from four colors: white, black, grey, or brown.

A Fabric Shaver That Can Help Renew Your Couch

Whether your leggings have started to pill or your couch is a little too fuzzy, this fabric shaver can help get them looking good as new. Its adjustable shaving grate makes it suitable for use with nearly any type of fabric — and since the blades are made from stainless steel, you can rest assured that they’re just as sharp as they are rust-resistant.

This Tiny Vacuum Cleaner That’s Perfect For Tiny Desktop Messes

Crumbs, dust, bits of paper — this tiny vacuum is perfect for all sorts of desktop messes. The cordless design makes it easy to maneuver, and it only needs two AA batteries (which are not included) to run for up to 90 minutes. Choose from two colors: white or orange.

These Rope Baskets That Can Hide So Much Clutter

From rolls of tape to essential oils, these rope baskets are a smart way to hide all those small items that tend to sit out in the open and clutter up your home. They’re made from 100% cotton, with reinforced handles that are unlikely to rip under heavy loads. Plus, their minimalist appearance easily meshes with practically any decor style.

A Mat That Helps Keep Litter Off Your Clean Floors

Tired of seeing litter get tracked all over your floors? Place this mat underneath your cat’s box, and its grippy surface will latch onto loose bits of litter, pulling it off of their paws. Once dirty, simply shake it out over the trash for a quick clean.

A Dispenser That Holds All Your Plastic Grocery Bags

Every kitchen has that one cabinet filled with plastic grocery bags, so why not open up some space and grab this dispenser? It’s large enough to hold up to 18 bags and comes with a set of screws you can use it mount it to the inside of a cabinet or wall. Plus, the stainless steel exterior is even fingerprint-resistant.

This Decorative Geometric Tray With Stylish Brass-Plated Details

With its open geometric walls and linen base, this decorative tray is sure to stand out regardless of where you decide to place it. It’s the perfect size to hold jewelry, nail polish bottles, or even keys — all while the brass-plated finish makes it look way more expensive than it is.

A Pet Hair Remover That’s 100% Reusable

Whereas lint rollers rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this pet hair remover features hundreds of tiny bristles that latch onto hair, pulling off your clothes and furniture with just a few strokes. The best part? All that loose hair gets shoved into a built-in dustbin that you can easily empty out by pressing the lone button on the handle.

The Paw Cleaner That Helps Keep Your Home Clean

Don’t let your dog track dirty paw prints throughout your home — instead, use this paw cleaner to make sure their feet are clean after coming inside. Simply add a little water, insert a paw, then give it a few twists. The silicone bristles on the inside will gently wash away dirt without any irritation or scratching.

A Mat That Helps Keep Your Sink Top Drip-Free

Place this mat around your kitchen faucet, and it’ll catch any stray drips that fall its way so that your sink top stays look clean and stain-free. The flexible design allows it to adapt to most faucets — all while a handy snap button works to keep it from shifting out of place.

This Compact Steamer With Over 90,000 Reviews

This clothing steamer is small, yet powerful enough to produce up to 15 minutes of continuous steam. Plus, the 9-foot power cable makes it easy to use with awkward hotel outlets. It’s more compact than an iron and ironing board, and many customers even used it to take wrinkles out of their curtains. One customer wrote, “I primarily purchased it for some new curtains and it worked great.”

A Shower Curtain Liner That Shouldn’t Get Mildewy

Since this shower curtain liner is made from waterproof PEVA, you won’t have to worry about it growing mildew over time, as it doesn’t absorb moisture — even when soaking wet. The grommets along the top are also rustproof, allowing them to easily glide back and forth on your shower rod.

The Command Hooks That Can Hold Up To 5 Pounds

Not a fan of drilling into your walls? These command hooks stay put using a strong adhesive backing — and each one can even support up to 5 pounds. They’re great for holding coats, kitchen utensils, and more. Plus, you can peel them off without any damage to your walls if you ever decide you no longer need them.

A Dustpan That Helps Keep Broom Bristles Clean

Ever notice how dust bunnies tend to stick to the bristles on your broom? That’s why this broom and dustpan set is a total game-changer. The dustpan features comb-like teeth along the top that you can use to strip away dust — and both pieces snap together for easy storage.

These Hangers That Help Open Up Space In Cramped Closets

Running out of space on your closet rod? These vertical hangers can help open up so much space. Each one can hold up to five garments — and since they can handle up to 30 pounds, there’s no need to stress about how they’ll hold up when loaded with denim.

A Plastic Bag Organizer That’s Designed To Fit In Your Fridge

Letting your plastic baggies sit flat in your fridge can lead to leaks and spills — instead, hang them upright inside this organizer. There’s enough space for 10 bags, and the frame is sturdy enough to support up to 20 pounds. The best part? Installation only takes a few minutes, without any tools required.

The Silverware Organizer That Fits Into Narrow Drawers

Whereas some silverware organizers expand to fit your drawers, this one features a compact design that makes it suitable for narrow spaces. It’s large enough to hold up to 24 pieces of cutlery — and there are even two extra compartments for miscellaneous pieces, like corn holders or bottle openers.

A Duster That Cleans Multiple Blinds At The Same Time

Don’t waste time cleaning all those individual blinds — instead, use this duster to clean four at the same time. The soft microfiber latches onto dirt, pulling it off your blinds and trapping it inside its fibers until you’re ready to shake it out. And once too dirty to use, simply twist them off and give them a quick wash in the sink with mild soap.

This Soap Dispenser That Helps Cut Down On Waste

It’s always tempting to squeeze dish soap all over your sink — but if you’d like to avoid waste, try using this dispenser instead. Simply press your sponge down, and it’ll inject the ideal amount of soap into its fibers. Plus, the bottom reservoir can hold nearly an entire bottle of soap.

A Powerful Scrubber That Fits Into Tight Spaces

With a narrow head that reaches deep into tight spaces, this electronic scrubber is perfect for cleaning grout lines, grimy corners, and more. The water-resistant body makes it suitable for shower use, while a soft, ergonomic grip helps keep your hand strain-free as you clean. Just supply four of your own AA batteries and it’s ready to go.

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