When it comes to fun and functional gadgets for your home, it’s better late than never, right? While you’ll wish you knew about these weird but extremely clever products sooner, now you’ve been enlightened so you can fill your cart accordingly and enjoy the subtle yet awesome changes to your life. Plus, if there’s someone in your life who’s notoriously hard to shop for, there’s almost sure to be something here for them (a pickle-shaped wine stopper? Who wouldn’t delight in receiving that?).

Seriously though, this list of gadgets and gizmos aplenty can transform some of the most mundane household tasks. You’ll never look at your shredder, or night light, or nail clippers the same way again now that you know there’s another a delightfully weirder way. So get your “add to cart” finger ready because the future is here.

1. These tiered hangers with clips that hold multiple garments

Crush your daily water goal, or bring your coffee on the go, with a simple and sleek

Great for long-term storage, moves, or simply reorganizing your kitchen, these

A set of BPA-free, airtight

What’s so great about

What good is a record collection if you’re not able to see it or appreciate it in between listening sessions? This

If you’re looking for an all-in-one

If you’ve always had nightmares about seeing your beach umbrella tumbling down the shore — or worse, you’ve experienced such a tragedy — this

Once you get used to the deep grey color of this

Refresh your feet with little to no effort with the help of these

If your household schedules and chores feel unruly, consider a

When your housemates (or your memory) aren’t the most reliable, consider this double-sided

We’ve all been there; watching suitcases loop the carousel and then reaching for one that turns out not to be ours. With this

Part form, part function, this

This soft-grip

This silicone microwave

Whether you’re starting from the beginning in your kitchen, or looking to update your existing spoons and spatulas, this set of

Gone are the days of staring forlornly at those hulking ice cream machines that take up most of your kitchen. This fan-favorite

No, it’s not just you — some chores are just harder on bodies than others. If you’ve found yourself sore or struggling after certain activities, consider this

Who said you can only make s’mores in the woods? This indoor flameless

If you’ve finished a round of gaming or a session of work to find that your wrist is sore, your mouse may be the culprit. This


Perhaps you’ve seen

You haven’t lived until you’ve used a glowing toilet. Okay, just kidding — but seriously, not only does this

As clutch as under-sink storage can be, it’s also a bit awkward. This expandable,

Who says wine stoppers have to be boring? Some of us like pickles just as much as wine, so we may as well show it with


Whether you like to sing along to favorite songs, listen to the latest podcast, or there’s an important call you can’t miss, keeping your phone close while you’re in the shower just got easier. This

If you (and your guests) are constantly looking for a place to set drinks when you’re on the couch, look no further. This

These heat-resistant

Even the steadiest of hands can slip when it comes to nail trims, but this

Is there a drummer in your household? Or perhaps you have concert tickets coming up? For whatever reason you may be looking to protect your ears, these


Instead of sending documents through a bulky shredder (that creates lots of dust and mess), this

A spare

Check on your home from miles away with a

Never again find yourself with a dead phone battery when you’re on the go. This

This slim, lightweight

If you’ve ever dusted off your devices with your sleeve — or worse, a tissue — then stop right there. A microfiber cloth is a much safer option, and even better yet is a

Create a nonslip area in your tub and give your feet a little massage while you shower with the help of this

Why don’t all

Part form, part function, this charging station keeps up to four devices powered up, and the dividers make them look tidy and organized while you charge. This station comes with four short cables to keep things neat, and there are even light indicators so you know when you can unplug your phone or tablet.

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